A fun week of events

Three events this past week proved fun.

Socialist party social media press conference
First was the Socialist party social media press conference on Sunday. The first time a political party in Ireland did a conference for bloggers and interacted with them in the room, on uStream so there was streaming video tot he web and also taking questions via Twitter. Bit of the future right there methinks. Joe Higgins was a good host and his team of supporters did a great job making it all fall into place.

I + 1/4 of an N
Photo owned by juhansonin (cc)

Show and Tell with Sony Ericsson
This was on Tuesday night in the Odeon and muchos thanks to them for supplying the venue for free. Big big thanks to Sony Ericsson for sending along a very patient staffer and to Clarify, their PR people, for putting it together. Looks like we’ll have more Show and Tell events over the next while with the format slightly changed after feedback. Details on how other companies can take part in Show and Tell.

MeasurementCamp Dublin
Wow, didn’t it do well? 70 people turned up MeasurementCamp Dublin. Big big numbers. Loads of new faces. This is going to be a monthly event and maybe we can bring it to other places in Ireland besides Dublin. Enjoyed myself at this and well done Lauren for putting so much effort into it.

2 Responses to “A fun week of events”

  1. Cian P says:

    Full video of the Social Media Press Conference is available on Joe Higgins’ website.


    Unfortunately there have been problems with getting the footage from second camera (which was recording for YouTube), so don’t know if we’ll be able to post up the clips there for a while.

  2. UnaRocks says:

    @Socialist party social media press conference: the Joe Higgins team on twitter is completely overbearing IMO. I think there’s a happy medium between utilising social media properly and annoying people online.