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Colbert takes no prisoners

Sunday, April 30th, 2006

Steven Colbert kicks ass at the Whitehouse Correspondents dinner. Just watched the video and it was fantasically cutting and took no prisoners. He rounded on the anaemic Whitehouse press too. Before he came on Bush was there with an impresonator interpreting what he was saying. REally quite entertaining but a blood shame that the only way the media gets their digs in is via a yearly joke-a-thon. Boingboing has links to the video of it.

Funniest videocasts ever – Ze Frank – The Show

Saturday, April 29th, 2006

Or whatever you call online video things. Via David Winer. Ze Frank rocks the joint.

Ze Frank

Jon Stewart watch out. I was about to say give him his own TV show and replace some of the boring yokels. Nah, he doesn’t need prime time, he has the world and he’s unrestricted. Anyone on broadband can watch Ze and they should.

The only close match here is the widly entertaining Letter to America. LTA in daily 3 min vidcasts would be fantastic.

Go look at Ze Frank – The Show.

Broadband in Ireland – Coverage Map

Saturday, April 29th, 2006

HUGE thanks to John Handelaar for making this map.

There are about 1100 exchanges in Ireland. eircom has plans to enable around 400 plus. Eact numbers are not clear but it is believed not more than 450. They want the taxpayer to pay for all the rest to be enabled.

On the top is a map of the current situation with just under 400 exchanges enabled. Below it is the coverage map if all exchanges were enabled. Each yellow circle is where you can get broadband but even then the failure rate is 20%. 1 in 5 chance of not getting it. eircom doesn’t have plans to go much further than the first map.

broadband coverage in Ireland

Pay people to move from dialup to broadband?

Saturday, April 29th, 2006

Over on the IIA blog they suggest an Internet Scrappage Scheme to move people to broadband from dialup. I don’t think such an idea makes much sense although since the DCMNR are just throwing money at the fibre rings project it wouldn’t surprise me if they went for it. Moving people to broadband from dialup won’t happen until the ISPs stop making money on dialup and right now they make collossal money on it. Read my comments on the IIA blog.

iPod Covers – Want one?

Saturday, April 29th, 2006

I have 3 iPod Video covers and 3 iPod Nano covers to give away if anyone wants one. You have to review them for me though and take some pics. I bought a few and want to know peoples opinion on them.

I’ve one now for my iPod Video and it seems good enough but not perfect.

My issues are that it’s not snug enough when fitted, as you an see by the view from the top:

iPod video Cover

Some of the screen is covered over too:

iPod video Cover

Although you can still watch video on it:

iPod video Cover

I’ll still use the cover as I use my iPod mostly for listening to music and even watching videos with it on isn’t that intrusive. The main thing though is that it’s very good for preventing scratches. Question is, would you pay a fiver for something like this?

Pictures of the Nano cover are on the way once my tester gets back to me.

Business Card idea

Saturday, April 29th, 2006

Philipp Lenssen pointed to a guy who had business cards made that look like Google search boxes with his name in them. Not a bad idea but I don’t think Google would be too impressed with their logo on his cards. It might obviously confuse people as to who the guy works for.

Here’s my own idea for a business card: make it look like an ad on Google. Bit too restrictive though if you want to get everything into it but follow the same restrictions as a Google ad:

Damien mulley Business Card

I created this by actually making a Google Ad in my Adword account and doing a screencap of it.

Congrats to Marc Canter on his Irish Citizenship

Friday, April 28th, 2006

Well that’s what Irish Blogs is telling me. 🙂

Marc Canter Irish

I bet it’s the Football Association doing this so they can get his kids to play for Ireland. Makes sense. He’ll have to change his name to Marc O’Canter or Marc McCanter I think. 92nd most visited site in Ireland

Thursday, April 27th, 2006

According to Alexa anyway. is 92nd. is 91st. is 16th. I doubt this is full accurate.

Dum dum dum dum another one wants a job

Thursday, April 27th, 2006

That was me trying to sing “Another one bites the dust.” Another blogger seeking work.

Who are those masked men/bloggers of UCC?

Thursday, April 27th, 2006

One bloody woman! C’mon people! I didn’t know there were that many UCC Bloggers until I read more on Cian’s blog. Cian likes traffic to his site so g’wan over and say hello.

So on to the UCC bloggers, well firstly there’s Cian who’s been writing some good stuff lately and he points to two more UCC bloggers that I did not know of:

Eoin Winning and Jason Kelleher. Jason especially has a lot to say on politics and other such stuff.

One issue I have with all three of these blogs is that the black background and white text hurts my eyes after a minute or two and I have to switch tab. Not sure is it just my eyes or something but black background and white text wreck my eyes. Might just have to fire those sites into my aggregator instead.

Additionally there’s James Galvin and of course there’s Steven. Gavin’s in UCC too and Fiona is doing her PhD there. Shame she took her blog down though. There’s Karole and Bob Heffernan. One of the In, Fact Ah folks and also Stephen Spillane. Then there’s me as well. Who else is there? I won’t accept mySpace or bebo walled garden sites as blogs though.

If you’re a UCC blogger, leave a comment and I’ll add your name to the list.

So the list is:
Karole Cuddihy
Steven Day
El Commandant P
Fiona De Londras
James Galvin
Bob Heffernan
Jason Kelleher
Damien Mulley
Donal O’Caoimh
Gavin Sheridan
Stephen Spillane
Eoin Winning