Broadband in Ireland – Coverage Map

HUGE thanks to John Handelaar for making this map.

There are about 1100 exchanges in Ireland. eircom has plans to enable around 400 plus. Eact numbers are not clear but it is believed not more than 450. They want the taxpayer to pay for all the rest to be enabled.

On the top is a map of the current situation with just under 400 exchanges enabled. Below it is the coverage map if all exchanges were enabled. Each yellow circle is where you can get broadband but even then the failure rate is 20%. 1 in 5 chance of not getting it. eircom doesn’t have plans to go much further than the first map.

broadband coverage in Ireland

56 Responses to “Broadband in Ireland – Coverage Map”

  1. Ken Smollen says:

    Surely anybody not in an area covered by BB should leave Eircom in protest and go to the cheapest carrier for calls in Ireland – Euphony, as verified by Eddie Hobbs in his monthly magazine ‘You & Your Money’. Anyone interested should click on



  2. Ken says:

    Any news about broadband in Mount Nugent?

  3. Scott Niven says:

    Any News about broadband in bridgetown co.clare???

  4. Damian,

    I am trying to see what is the cheapest and best way to get broadband in roscahill. My phoneline is no good as it is a shared line and I live in Porridgetown just below where Eircom won’t come down.

    Is 1GB reception speed any good?

    Kind Regards,

    John Cunningham

  5. Mary MacDonagh says:

    I live in Cloonmore, Roscahill and I signed up for Airwire Broadband. I am totally disappointed with the service, it can be as bad as dial-up at peak times. I get good speeds using 02 service with dongle!

  6. Mary MacDonagh says:

    Looks like Cloonmore, Knockferry, will not be included in the NBS in the near future! 🙁