92nd most visited site in Ireland

According to Alexa anyway. is 92nd. is 91st. is 16th. I doubt this is full accurate.

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  1. James says:

    “The traffic rank is based on three months of aggregated historical traffic data from millions of Alexa Toolbar users and is a combined measure of page views and users (reach).”
    It is inaccurate alright – Alexa toolbar would give a good indication of how frequently we use sites like Google, but specialist community sites like and Bebo would receive a very high number of visits from a minority of users, so taking a random sample of Irish internet users would give skewed statistics.

    Take for example – there are hundreds of users who hit hundreds of pageviews per day, but none of these would have been running the Alexa toolbar. Eircom or Esat might give better statistics on the most visited sites in Ireland – my guess is that the top 3 are, Bebo, in that order.

  2. Dave says:

    James Bebo would definitely get far more visits than Google, Myspace beats google in the US so I’m guessing things are similar here. You’re also forgetting ryanair,,, football365, those are the sites I see when I look around the office.

  3. James says:

    Actually, come to think of it the top 4 are still probably the search engines, they were probably miles ahead in this survey. I’d still bump up a few slots anyway.

  4. James says:

    I suppose its hard to say without seeing real figures, but I’m thinking of all the Polish people and Chinese people and stuff who would use google all the time, but not bebo or

  5. Paul Browne says:

    I’m surprised that more of the nudge nudge wink wink sites aren’t in the top 10 – or perhaps Alexa users are especially good living.

  6. Justin Mason says:

    Dave: bear in mind that Myspace may get more page views than Google, but is not necessarily more widely used as a result. Google’s pages are designed to accomplish as much as possible, without requiring unneccessary page-views, while one certainly cannot say the same about MySpace — see .

    To be honest, I’d have to say that Alexa list strikes me as pretty accurate, at least for the top 30 or so. Then I’d say spam and noise starts coming in, judging by #55 at least.

    The number of chinese sites is very interesting. Do the Chinese population in Ireland spend a lot of time online? It looks like it from this.

    However having said all that — something’s definitely up with that list.

    Compare #1,, with #100, — according to this graph, , sees more pageviews, and has a higher rank, than!

    Does Alexa artificially give Google and Yahoo! a boost to the top of the .ie league table? Because I can’t see how those figures work out otherwise.

  7. Roger says:

    Now at 82. But my thumb is getting sore from clicking on F5.

  8. Brian Whelan says:

    Irish seems to be down or not loading properly.
    Looking for a lively blog to add to the Dublin Visitor’s site (