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Fluffy Links – April 9th 2007

Monday, April 9th, 2007

Wobbery! FatMammyCat is latest to get ripped off.

Phoar, for the mapping lovers out there. This is a map of what locations on maps are referenced the most. A thing of beauty to be honest.

Staying on the mapping theme is All locations from the Bible put on Google Earth. Raw data files exported too.

David Weinberger’s new book is out on May 1st. Prebook now.

This is very very odd. Is the song satire? Free speech or a legal case in the making?

Some really good podcasts (with notes) from the Times.

The Times and Times Online bring you the Best of the MBA. Ten of the world’s leading business thinkers provide the latest thinking in economics, management, finance, strategy and marketing. The weekly series of lectures will be available as a 30-minute podcast, in text online and in an abridged version in the newspaper

Via Antoin is the first of four parts of the documentary Century of the Self:Niall Larkin reimagines Gordon Gecko talking about Google, instead of greed. I love the Gordon Gecko greed speech, which is here:

IDAFYfA 4 – Hosting365 – The 365 second video interview

Sunday, April 8th, 2007

Talk about not being a regular thing. These irregular posts are when I make suggestions for business ideas without being asked. Backseat driving in a way. This post actually been in draft for about 2 months or maybe more as today I’m cleaning out and deleting about 40 posts I have in draft. On to the idea…

A total clone of the first IDAFYfA, this would be the same idea as the Sixty Second Interview except it would be a longer interview. 365 seconds, naturally. 🙂

The suggestion though is that Hosting 365 would video interview their own clients and put them online at or something like that. A nice marketing/attention grabbing thing for Hosting365 as they have some clients that others would certainly sit down and watch being interviewed and it would then be a free bonus for their clients for getting their name onto the net and onto YouTube. Another free way of getting the Hosting365 name bandied about.

Colin Bracken is going to hell

Sunday, April 8th, 2007

To hell he is going. Blasphemer! Obviously looking for a book deal…

Happy Easter. Now to eat my Moro Easter egg.

Still a need for Spot the Cop

Sunday, April 8th, 2007

This was going to go out tomorrow but Conor is saying the blog O’Sphere is dead today, so here ya go:

I see from Conor’s twitter that again on his latest trip to Rosslare he spotted one Garda on the road. One more than a previous trip of his. Back then I did a lazyweb request for a “Spot the Cop” service. There’s still a need for it. Maybe with more people using Twitter and with the addition of a special text number, this service could actually work? I must say myself, on trips around Cork and the suburbs I encounter cops every week or two weeks who stop me. Random breath tested just the once though.

Bertie Ahern photoshops feature in the Tribune

Sunday, April 8th, 2007

Many of the Bertie Ahern photoshops from Snackbox Diaries featured in a small piece in the main part of the Sunday Tribune today.

Green Ink’s 300 (Below) also featured.
Bertie Ahern is 300

Fluffy Links – April 6th 2007

Friday, April 6th, 2007

First YouTube, then PornTube and now GodTube.

Via Coolhunting, comes the band “The Bird and Bee“. Some nice pop songs on their mySpace profile.

Vertikal Vodka. V interesting bottle design.

Seems in Japan, GMail Paper is kind of real, in that you get free photocopying but the photocopying contains ads. Actually in my sicknote from my doctor for work, the sicknote now has bloody ads on it. I’m sure Google will be buying the person who came up with this idea, I mean, buying the company.

Sign up to go on the Paddy Tech Tour of Silicon Valley. Being Irish is not necessary. Wiki. (If one knows how to use a Wiki)

Hello Irish Times readers – Friday April 6th 2007

Friday, April 6th, 2007

*Blush*, thanks for the nice write-up about me in the Times.

Straight-talking Mulley uses robust language and isn’t afraid to address controversy. Most recently, he rejected calls for a bloggers’ code of conduct following death threats received by US blogger Kathy Sierra, with a headline that couldn’t be reprinted in a national paper

Note to my mum: What they mean is the headline was too long to fit into the paper.

Note to new visitors: You can subscribe to my blog here and to see other good Irish bloggers, I suggest having a look at

Guardian in not having a clue shocker

Friday, April 6th, 2007

For the record, I don’t care or give a fig about “content labels” and all that other insufferable snakeoil shite. I am against a blogger code of conduct which some predatory scum are trying to force on a group in order to cash in on mass hysteria. Had the Guardian actually read my post properly, besides copying and pasting from Paul Walsh’s blog post, which egotistically assumed (without checking) I had been talking about his idea, they would have known that. I would have expected something better from BBC Print Lite. I would have also expected a link to what they falsey said I had written. It is easier to make false claims and not back it up, isn’t it though?

While on Content labels, I’ll make a special label from pipecleaners and toilet rolls and call it the lazy research label. I hereby award it to Jemima Kiss for that piece that was vomited on to the web tonight.

One more thing for Paul and Jemima, I may write a column for the Sunday Tribune, but labeling me as a Sunday Tribune columnist as if it were my main job is completely incorrect. You might as well refer to me as a mechanic because I put oil into my car once. Had Jemima sent an email, picked up a phone or sent a pigeon winging its way to Ireland, she’s have known I am a Technical Writer by trade and do far too many other things, including writing now and then for the Sunday Tribune. (And having a whole load of fun doing it too. 🙂 )

Hey Guardian, please buy a packet of extra large clues. K, thanks, bye.

Edit: Thanks to Green Ink:

Mulley Grinder

A.J. Cahill (East Meath) – Making Best Use of the Online Medium

Thursday, April 5th, 2007

A.J. Cahill seems to be the one candidate so far that has a better grasp of the online turf that any other candidate, anywhere in Ireland. AJ is blogging and not afraid to pull some punches with this post about Dominic Hannigan and he is making some quite fresh and original videos and putting them up on YouTube:

(I think they’re the best videos so far since he now talks to locals about local issues in them)

A first for an Irish Election candidate, A.J. Cahill, I think is the only candidate to use Google Ads to get the message across. When you search for Fianna Fail or Fine Gael on Google, you may notice this ad on the right from AJ:

AJ Cahill Google Ad

And also if you do searches for candidate names like Dominic Hannigan and Thomas Byrne, you will also see the above ad or a slight variation:

Aj Cahill Ad on Google

The online arena is still new and possibly too new to have an impact at this election but getting it right now and getting respect now is probably not going to harm your chances and if any media are talking about the campaigns online, it’ll be people like A.J. that people will probably talk about.

Blogging, YouTube and Google Ads, nicely done sir.

Few tips for A.J. though:

  • Integrate the blog into your website. No need to have it on blogspot. (Possibly too near the election to move now.)
  • No need either to have ads return when someone puts in your name, your blog comes up at the top anyway.
  • Your blog is not on the front page of results for “Meath East” or “East Meath”, you should change that and modidy your blog keywords to fix that. Only Thomas Byrne shows up on the first set of results. There is an IrishElection post about Dominic Hannigan alright.

Edit: It was pointed out that people were unable to ascertain what solutions A.J. has or were wondering is he marketing himself as a protest vote.

Charities with 1850 numbers to be hit with massive hikes?

Thursday, April 5th, 2007

For calls from 02 at least.

Sticking with the telecoms theme but wearing a tinfoil hat…

Seems o2 is increasing the cost per minute of accessing 1850 numbers. Consumers who ring the number won’t be hit with the price, instead they will still pay their 20.66 cents per minute but network operators who manage the 1850 numbers also had to pay 02 around 4 cents a minute for them to connect the call. Now they want 16 cents a minute from the operators. All well and good but someone, somewhere has to pay it, and the telcos will hardly take a hit like that and not pass it on. So it looks like the crowd who own the number will be paying a good deal more. Many charities as well as businesses use this lo-call number. This might make it uneconomical for many to continue this. Trouble is ComReg have already approved this price increase. ComReg have 21 days to decide to approve this or not.