Fluffy Links – April 9th 2007

Wobbery! FatMammyCat is latest to get ripped off.

Phoar, for the mapping lovers out there. This is a map of what locations on maps are referenced the most. A thing of beauty to be honest.

Staying on the mapping theme is OpenBible.info. All locations from the Bible put on Google Earth. Raw data files exported too.

David Weinberger’s new book is out on May 1st. Prebook now.

This is very very odd. Is the song satire? Free speech or a legal case in the making?

Some really good podcasts (with notes) from the Times.

The Times and Times Online bring you the Best of the MBA. Ten of the world’s leading business thinkers provide the latest thinking in economics, management, finance, strategy and marketing. The weekly series of lectures will be available as a 30-minute podcast, in text online and in an abridged version in the newspaper

Via Antoin is the first of four parts of the documentary Century of the Self:Niall Larkin reimagines Gordon Gecko talking about Google, instead of greed. I love the Gordon Gecko greed speech, which is here:

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  1. 4Basra says:

    Big Wall Street fan myself – lol at Niall’s idea.

    And the Times MBA podcasts are great too.

  2. Love Notes says:

    Hey!…Thanks for the nice read, keep up the interesting posts..what a nice Tuesday