Still a need for Spot the Cop

This was going to go out tomorrow but Conor is saying the blog O’Sphere is dead today, so here ya go:

I see from Conor’s twitter that again on his latest trip to Rosslare he spotted one Garda on the road. One more than a previous trip of his. Back then I did a lazyweb request for a “Spot the Cop” service. There’s still a need for it. Maybe with more people using Twitter and with the addition of a special text number, this service could actually work? I must say myself, on trips around Cork and the suburbs I encounter cops every week or two weeks who stop me. Random breath tested just the once though.

One Response to “Still a need for Spot the Cop”

  1. Pat Phelan says:

    Two Gardai spent all afternoon today (Sunday) driving around Cork city centre stopping kids in the pimp mobiles with the siren, kicking tyres asking for licenses etc, what a bloody waste of time.