IDAFYfA 4 – Hosting365 – The 365 second video interview

Talk about not being a regular thing. These irregular posts are when I make suggestions for business ideas without being asked. Backseat driving in a way. This post actually been in draft for about 2 months or maybe more as today I’m cleaning out and deleting about 40 posts I have in draft. On to the idea…

A total clone of the first IDAFYfA, this would be the same idea as the Sixty Second Interview except it would be a longer interview. 365 seconds, naturally. 🙂

The suggestion though is that Hosting 365 would video interview their own clients and put them online at or something like that. A nice marketing/attention grabbing thing for Hosting365 as they have some clients that others would certainly sit down and watch being interviewed and it would then be a free bonus for their clients for getting their name onto the net and onto YouTube. Another free way of getting the Hosting365 name bandied about.

2 Responses to “IDAFYfA 4 – Hosting365 – The 365 second video interview”

  1. Ed Byrne says:

    Thanks Damien !! You’re not going to try and charge me if I go ahead and use this idea are you??!!

  2. Damien says:

    Not a chance, not after H365 being very generous at the blog awards. 🙂