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Fluffy Links – Friday March 7th 2008

Friday, March 7th, 2008

Blogs in newspapers now.

Total recut makes the Creative Commons blog. Nice one Owen.

Like the Pope? The real one, not the fake one. Check out these garden figures.

Just has created an Irish Twitter aggregator. Now you can see what we’re all yabbering on about.

Elly explains What Would Mulley Do.

Elly links to the vid that explains Twitter.

Joe’s guide on how to screw with banks and telcos and the rest. Churn!

Thanks to Linkmap:
Mulley Birthday

Via Colm:Herding Cats

The whole of Heima:

Fluffy Links – Thursday March 6th 2008

Thursday, March 6th, 2008

The Government and Bitter Civil Servants railed against bloggers at a conference yesterday. We’re ruining all their fun it seems.

Have a look at the ReLearn site.

They come to our country and steal our women but now it’s our women who are stealing our jobs.

Open Coffee Galway is on too. Go.

Check out Brendan’s blog.

And my mate Damien’s who’ll be working with me on another blog project soon.

John Blackbourn’s business card for the blog awards.

France. Yes, France outlawing Internet promotion of wine.

If you have a My Little Pony, you need a My Little Pony Gun now too.

Play Adam’s game. For me it was Twitter Delicious Meebo

The Race with music by Wiseguys and Weezer:

Audio Bullys – We don’t care:

Fluffy Links – Wednesday March 5th 2008

Wednesday, March 5th, 2008

Darren has a nice post about meeting his biological mother.

SoggyJazzBiscuit is back, he was never gone away you know and has this excellent Gormulator comic.

This is a rather excellent post from Declan and deserves a read. So do. Oh and leave a comment. He wuvs comments.

And then Richard has a nice piece too on the state of journalism in this country and blogs.

By the by, have you checked out the new look LouderVoice?

Via Mick The cat probably topped itself.

Not using your old mobile phone?

See what else Craigslist brings.

Attention audio fascists.

Kylie does it for money.

Fluffy Links – Tuesday March 4th 2008

Tuesday, March 4th, 2008

This is how I Fluffy roll. People were wondering where I get the stuff. I generally have 20-60 tabs open in Firefox and towards the end of an evening I pick the best of them and put them into a Fluffy Links post.

My mate Stephen started a blog after 4 years of badgering. Say hello.

Jazzbiscuit has the scoop about my next project, the Irish Web Awards.

Bid for a Vote For Rick poster.

UK ISPS selling customers browsing habits? They doing it here? Why not?

More Blog Awards 08 photos.

Really love this one.

Loving Jonathan’s Blog Awards vid.

Follow the shafted trophy.

Via Everson is not what you think. Or is it?

CNet says blogging ain’t big in Ireland. Why am I still hungover still from Saturday then? Clueless.

Yay for badges.

Jackie Moon commercials:

Fluffy Links – Thursday February 28th 2008

Thursday, February 28th, 2008

The finalists lists are out for the Blog Awards, bringing the high number of shortlisted for Best Blog, Best Photo Blog, Most Humourous Post and Best Blog Post down to a manageable number.

Events in and around the Awards.

Love Rob’s post on wrestling fans in Ireland wearing their masks in public.

Rick O’Shea (not his real name, real name is Robin Banks) now has a Facebook fan page.

Anyone willing to dog sit in Cork this weekend?

Arseblog was six yesterday. Have you seen their stats? Jesus. 750,000+ comments!

In case you missed it, this is how far Fine Gael apologists will go to defend the actions of their friends – threaten to sue and then deny it. Lacking testicular fortitude aren’t we?

Paul Walsh is taking applications from Irish CEOs and companies to come to his Top Cats event. Mix with the UK digerati.

Speaking of Paul, Jessi would rather not have been listening to him. 🙂

It’s easy to forget being handed 5 grand by a developer.

What crap.

Bodysong – Jonny Greenwood

Fluffy Links – Wednesday February 27th 2008

Wednesday, February 27th, 2008

Funniest Blog Award post this week. Go beat it.

Auto-email new people that leave comments on your blog. Couldn’t you create a linkbait post to get lots of comments and then spam people?

Eoin Kennedy from Slattery Communications restarted blogging. We need more PR people blogging. C’mon folks.

I woke up for a dream with the phrase “Boss Volenti”. When I googled them I found this band. Odd.

Seriously. What Greenpeace did was an act of terrorism. How come they weren’t shot in the head?

The video reply to Fucking Matt Damon – Fucking Ben Affleck with an all-star hollywood cast.

Think of the song Gold by Spandau Ballet. Here we go.

Check out this Joe Dolan inspired planning application.

Cathay Pacific Very Low Flyby of 777-300ER

The pilot got fired for this? Tom Cruise should have an intervention.

Via Andrew, earthquakes in England and now this. One drawback to wind turbines.

Fluffy Links – Monday February 25th 2008

Monday, February 25th, 2008

Via Jimmy Carroll are details about the Cork French Film Festival and specifically La Jetée set to music. Am there.

Brian Vaughan has a new blog. Say hello.

Sully’s blog is out there too.

I’m not sure is the Munster Express meant to be parody, fair and balanced or something else. This is an odd story.

Three is releasing a pay as you go broadband service. Something I think has been needed for years. No contract at all needed now. This might very well suit students and lots of other people besides. Would love to see the takeup. The three network is improving in some places but is awful in others still. Hopefully o2 and Vodafone might release something like this too. cock up again. They proudly talked at the UCC Journo conference last week about how one person can power the whole service. Oversight might be good. cockup

Some t-shirts for VCs.

I still prefer Jazz Biscuit’s CC photo search tool but this plugin is also neato.

Neil Gaiman posted about a Coraline 3D trailer. Good quality but we have to wait for the cinema to appreciate the 3D goodness:

Sylvain Chauveau – Never Let Me Down Again

Fluffy Links – Friday 22nd February 2008

Friday, February 22nd, 2008

The Irish taxman is checking out our Facebook profiles. Some of ours anyway.

My ickle pony.

When you piss off a web design firm, they might latch on to your domain. Check out the UK Labour site.

We based version of Mathematica. Nice.

We should have a Top Cats event in Ireland or have Paul bring some Irish to the Top Cats London events.

Clever way of increasing readers on Twitter. 1000th sub wins a consultancy gig from you. Twitter is more than just broadcast though. How many will stick around if you just push out links to blog posts all day long?

Free second chapter from the new Crowdsourcing book

Staying with books and free. Free books via the Freakonomics blog.

This is just rocking. Control your PC or Mac or any OS using the touchscreen on your iPod or iPhone.

For those burned by HD DVD, a guide on how to rip them.

Everyone speaking at CreativeCamp should see this talk on how to give a talk.

The Gravity powered lamp. So clever. So simple.

Patrick Stewart in his scene in Extras.

Disrupt CCTV cameras with infrared L.E.D.s

Elmo evolution. Just after I getting the other one. Bastards.

Blowing shit up, NASA style:

Fluffy Links – Thursday February 21st 2008

Thursday, February 21st, 2008

The Blog Awards is almost sold out. Book your place now otherwise you’ll have to buy one off a tout outside. Tickedzzzzzzzzzz buyin or selliiiing tickedzzzz. 400 bloggers in one room. Jaysus.

Rapture Ponies has her Fluffy badge too.

Vote for Donal. Too many turkeys and puppets already.

Get your Twenty on. First bit of his book is online.

Edgecast are hiring a trainee podcaster.

People give out about RTE polls but Una points out a good one.

Edward rocks.


177k records stolen and the Data Protection Commssioner crowd are “concerned”? Calm yourselves there dudes!

Cupid Stunt does not get his wish that his blog post is the only link in a Fluffy link post. No soup.

Fluffy link bait from Cupid Stunt.

XKCD godness. Yes, I said godness. It’s why we’re all late to bed:
Late to bed

Larry for Congress. He’s already been on the West Wing.

Fabulist profiled Ham Sandwich:

Fluffy Links – Tuesday February 19th 2008

Tuesday, February 19th, 2008

Patrick’s app is helping freedom of speech and expression!

Rob on creative commons and sharing.

Congrats to Walter. Finally TechCrunch UK and Ireland managed to profile an Irish company, something Blognation constantly did. Looks like Walter managed to pitch something interesting and real, something many other Irish companies failed to do.

Awesome video contest from said the gramophone.

via Bon, someone doesn’t like your ad blockers.

iPhones are available in Ireland. Kinda. Sorta.

BBC reviewpa of the MacBook Air. This is mine.

From Mr. Obama – Words: