On why Fine Gael as a party can go fuck themselves

There are two members of Fine Gael in UL who have been harassing me, stalking me and as a result damaging my health with their antics. Fine Gael and particularly Simon Coveney’s people have been contacting me about their broadband campaigning and seeking help and today they got told where they can go since their party is breeding these type of people. I am very fucking hostile to Fine Gael over this and that will not change.

It seems that two members in particular have nothing better to do with their time than stalk and harass me online. Whether it be suggesting they are going to get me done under incitement to hatred laws or whether it is emailing the Marian Finucane show and probably other shows and trying to stop them from having me on the air or going through the list of nominees at the Blog Awards and contacting them and telling them they are not entitled to be nominated. Any time anyone mentions me online it seems these people come along and leave comments about me or spinelessly infer things about me. One of them hasn’t got the balls to sign his own name. It’s gotten to the stage where I have had to mark my Twitter account as private as these two people are watching every word I type and logging it and using it to try and damage my character and cause further emotional stress. Completely excessive and obsessive. I no longer feel comfortable or safe being transparent about my work or my travel details because of these two people and I worry for my safety with this obsesssiveness.

But it’s not ending there. I will be seeking legal advice, I will be contacting the employer of one of them, I’ll be conacting UL and I will decide quite soon on whether to call the Gardai on this. Nobody should have to put up with this shit. I’m sure this blog post is giving them the attention they are desperately craving but it’s reality check for those that think blogging is all niceness and full of genuine people.

Note: If I’m contacted either via the comments here or privately by a member of FG in UL, I will consider that a furtherance to their attacks on me and I will in turn act accordingly.

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  1. click here says:

    Oh please, who are they kidding with their “legal threat”?? Daithi summed it up: they have no legal standing to sue – they haven’t been individually identified and, to my knowledge, YFG couldn’t sue as an entity. Comedy commenting, really.

  2. My Name says:

    You really are a nut case. This post shows just how nutty you have become, you really ought to continue taking the medication you’ve been prescribed.
    Then check yourself into hospital, you really need it.