Fluffy Links – Tuesday March 4th 2008

This is how I Fluffy roll. People were wondering where I get the stuff. I generally have 20-60 tabs open in Firefox and towards the end of an evening I pick the best of them and put them into a Fluffy Links post.

My mate Stephen started a blog after 4 years of badgering. Say hello.

Jazzbiscuit has the scoop about my next project, the Irish Web Awards.

Bid for a Vote For Rick poster.

UK ISPS selling customers browsing habits? They doing it here? Why not?

More Blog Awards 08 photos.

Really love this one.

Loving Jonathan’s Blog Awards vid.

Follow the shafted trophy.

Via Everson Catholic.ie is not what you think. Or is it?

CNet says blogging ain’t big in Ireland. Why am I still hungover still from Saturday then? Clueless.

Yay for badges.

Jackie Moon commercials:

13 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Tuesday March 4th 2008”

  1. squid says:

    Derek Foley from the Irish Daily Star told me. Journalists specialize in writing well-crafted analysis pieces. Reporters might not be able to string two sentences together, but they are the ones who find out first about which soccer star was seen getting a lap dance.


  2. jazz biscuit says:

    Jazz Biscuit is offline for the next couple of days. Link won’t work for a while. 🙁

  3. […] Damien’s blog, click here to see winners photos from the Awards.  You may spot Devin, Me and Val accepting […]

  4. Anthony says:

    Is it just me or is that Cnet piece regurgitating the bit in ‘Naked Conversations’ about Irish blogging?

  5. ryan says:

    Nyyah haaa! I’ve earned my ill-gotten fluffy badge!

  6. Darren says:

    Mr Damien, Sir, I did not get enough time to talk to you on Saturday. A brief chat at the bar was not ample.

    You should be very proud of all the work you put in for the event, but more than that, you should be so proud of all those people you have encouraged and promoted over the years. Talking to other bloggers and reading their take on the weekend’s festivities, it’s clear that you are a hero to them all. Well done!

  7. manuel says:

    those badges are very cool……[cough cough]

  8. Maman Poulet says:

    Ryan at least you got one…ill gotten or not. I have a fluffer badge given to me by Ms. Dent but it’s not the same.

  9. Phil O'Kane says:

    I wish I had gotten in there sooner for a fluffy badge – im predicting they too will be on ebay soon enough.

    Next year there will be plenty of N.I. merch.

  10. Ben says:

    isn’t xtube the smutty version of youtube? *ahem*

  11. Damien says:

    Well Ben, that’s being tame. It’s the hardcore porn version.

  12. Levitat says:

    Thanks for the mention Damien. Now people know I’ve been preparing for 4 years there is no pressure at all! 🙂

  13. Ben says:

    Damien: Roger that, had to check it out purely for research purposes and it turns out your synopsis is correct. I whole heartadly concur.
    Now how to i remove a site from your bookmarks and home page in Firefox 2.0