Fluffy Links – Thursday March 6th 2008

The Government and Bitter Civil Servants railed against bloggers at a conference yesterday. We’re ruining all their fun it seems.

Have a look at the ReLearn site.

They come to our country and steal our women but now it’s our women who are stealing our jobs.

Open Coffee Galway is on too. Go.

Check out Brendan’s blog.

And my mate Damien’s who’ll be working with me on another blog project soon.

John Blackbourn’s business card for the blog awards.

France. Yes, France outlawing Internet promotion of wine.

If you have a My Little Pony, you need a My Little Pony Gun now too.

Play Adam’s game. For me it was Twitter Delicious Meebo

The Race with music by Wiseguys and Weezer:

Audio Bullys – We don’t care:

5 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Thursday March 6th 2008”

  1. My little pony gun… suddenly my love of glitter and my need to kill are fulfilled… all at once!

  2. […] over on his blog linked to an interesting meme of sorts devised by Adam Maguire. I’m going to have to use […]

  3. Thanks for the mention Damien

  4. klaraflame says:

    I really enjoyed “The Race” video, half the fun was trying to guess who was from what! 🙂
    Great choice of fluffy.

  5. Regarding the Government/ Civil Service attitude to blogs and bloggers, it is probably just as well that I didn’t actually win the Best Business Blog award. As a Civil Servant of nearly 40 years, I could have been in real trouble!

    Do you have a procedure whereby I could give my nomination back?

    PLEASE don’t tell them.