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Fluffy Links – Friday August 1st 2008

Friday, August 1st, 2008

New Irish music blog. Guess List.

IIA Online Marketing Course on Oct 7th on Limerick. I’m gonna go. Tis free.

Neil Gaiman is going to Dublin. I. Have. To. be. There.

Jarvis on the link economy.

It’s not content until it’s linked.

Ooooh yes. From the guy that brought us Helvetica is his new movie Objectified. Still being filmed but looks like one Jonathan Ive was interviewed.

The Superficial is a cheap and tacky gossip site. And I love it. Another indulgence of mine. This is a typical headline: Amy Winehouse hospitalized again, had a ‘reaction’ to her medication (Read: Crack + Methadone do not a good sandwich make.)

If you’ve seen Dr. Horrible, here is the real iPhone app that the Dr. uses for taking over a van.

Gordon shows how that Facebook advertising works.

Yeah, the shaky fight bits in the Dark Knight were annoying.

This is the short movie shown before Wall-E. I wanted to cut the rabbit’s head off. Annoying thing. It’s a bit too repetitive too.

Levi’s go a little gay:

Fluffy Links – Thursday July 31st 2008

Thursday, July 31st, 2008

New Blogs:
Trust Tommy.


Ant Galvin’s blog.

Well finally, Sligo Today launched and they’re getting thousands of hits a day. Yeah, take that.

Heard Gerry O’Beirne on Pearl’s show on Phantom. No way will I pay $17.50 for a cd these days. or $15.50 for a digital download. Sorry.

Ben on his Mobile Me package.

Netroots Nation Keynote.

XP on the OLPC seems to be shit.

Meanwhile some people think Vista rocks when told it’s not Vista. Hmm.

I’m a cynic but Obama would have known this would happen.

Dexter season 3. Yawn.

Viz Sizemore

Fluffy Links – Wednesday July 30th 2008

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

Last day to give feedback about

Swear I’m not Paul. Another music blog but pretty damned good all the same.

More Muff.

Joomla to wordpress importer from Cathal.

A Bebo page for Roches Stores. RIP.

I began Life as a simple furniture store and expanded to Cork’s largest dept. store hiring many a mouldy college student to stack shelves and hook up.

The Beeb have at Stephen Fry about Apple.

Steve Jobs, arrogant fuck. Love it.

Might as well face it.

Via Joel, it seems Second Life is fueled by the sale of women’s dresses in the virtual world. Just like we have a recession in Ireland due to the housing issues, will we see the same if the market is flooded with dresses and too many people overspend on them?

This was in April but is still good. How to prevent your daughter from becoming a vegetarian.

Helicopters going upside down, just rock:

Fluffy Links – Tuesday July 29th 2008

Tuesday, July 29th, 2008

One more day to give feedback about

Julian wants to get Gary Vaynerchukto come to Ireland. How do we do that?

Rapture Ponies talks Max Streicher. Nice clouds!

This is a great idea. Caffe Noto in Dublin have their own social network, thanks to Simon.

Justin points out yet another security hole on the O2 website.

Josie has a list of open source social software. Nice one.

New blog Resident Vagabond.

FriendFeed is a monster. Look how many times is smashes at the Flickr servers.

Check our Conn Corrigan’s website.

Lenovo is the tech partner for the Olympics. They have athletes blogging on their site about the Olympics.

For companies, they’ll start needing community managers to look after their blogs and social interactions online. Here’s a list of essential skills to be one.

Via Helge Tennø23 Rules for brands wishing to attract the youth. I like no. 20:

If you don’t know by now, I shall tell you now. Intentional virals that are made to be sent around DO NOT WORK! So please, stop trying.

Via Connán – Stop

Fluffy Links – Monday July 28th 2008

Monday, July 28th, 2008

Peter goes green and fluffy.

Want to go to a Food Styling demonstration?

There’s an Irish Webmaster meetup on August 9th in Dublin.

TJ finds the best named legal firm in Ireland.

Chris has very good reasons to unsub from BoingBoing.

So if you do set up a Twitter account for your business, maybe don’t use your mobile as the mobile arm of it.

So what did that Joss Wheedon “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog” project make, numbers wise? Wheedon nodded in the comments that they were about right. Love this idea though:

For example, musical theater aficionados will note that a few of the Dr. Horrible numbers feature two distinct countermelodies. It’s difficult to parse a melody and a countermelody lyric in real time, much less two distinct countermelodies being sung along with a melody part. To get it all (and rabid Whedon fans will want to), you’d have to listen to it at least three times. So Dr. Horrible seems specifically engineered to be watched again and again

Maybe that’s the future of movies? Design movie so it can be watched a few times and deliver new content each time.

These are the Facebook applications that Facebook think are the future? Interesting that some are productivity tools on a site that many businesses think waste time.

What a great idea. A place to highlight PR fuckups. You can send on your own via Twitter.

iDesign 08.

Spammy titles in newspapers?

Olympics 2008 Monkey Movie – BBC Sport

Fluffy Links – Thursday July 24th 2008

Thursday, July 24th, 2008

No Fluffy Links yesterday on this here blog and I appear to be still on the road today. But Linkmap, Will Knott and Maman Poulet took up the challenge instead. Yaysies.

Feedback on still wanted.

Love these photos.

Can you feed two people in a week for €50? I guarantee this is going to be a feature in a newspaper or as a piece in a radio show in the next few weeks. The betting though is on whether attribution will be given.

Via Ian of the Thrill Piers. Bon Iver Daytrotter session. BTW, is Ian the most gigged out music blogger in Ireland?

Una gives the goss on Fringe. Nice. Am there.

Holy Fuck coming back. Yay.

Via Kerry: Buzzwords for 2008. Infosnacking is one I dislike greatly.

Via Kottke:
Terminator 2 set to inappropriate music

Fluffy Links – Tuesday 22nd July 2008

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008

This rocks. Lidl Treats. A blog about good stuff you can get in Lidle. Read this nice list of good stuffs. Now if they got their feed added to Twitter. Such a great concept for a blog.

Recessions are good now? Scarcity is too.

Wine in a can. A beautiful can though.

This is broken. Nice site on bad design.

So you can get around someone blocking their phone number?

Anyone applying for Seedcamp?

FFFFound and fonts. Yum.

The Pleasure of Finding Things out. Richard Feynman. This is part 1 of 5

So a wrestler asks for a chair to belt a guy. A possible drunk audience decides on mass participation:

Via Nialler9

Little Boots – Ready for the fun (Hotchip cover)

Fluffy Links – Monday July 21st 2008

Monday, July 21st, 2008

Good morning and Good luck Rick!

The National Irish Food Awards. Nice one Kieran.

Staying with food, Donal has done a redesign of the The Good Mood Food Blog. And he’s gotten a book deal!

Green Ink has fun with web stats.

The blog of young Chris D.

Here finally is that list of WordPress Installers and Designers.

Nice example of crowdsourcing at work.

Free Our Data, the blog. – A Guardian Technology campaign for free public access to data about the UK and its citizens. We should have an initiative like that here.

Cute. If you like Mr. Dynamite.

Santogold – L.E.S. Artistes:

Hat tip Dave. Does it offend you, yeah? – Epic Last Song:

Fluffy Links – Friday 18th July 2008

Friday, July 18th, 2008


Jesus feckin Christ, who the hell rings up a random Internet Café looking for escort numbers???

Stereotyping. I’ve never seen this blog in my life your honour. Well, I don’t think I have, yet it’s around for aages. (Internet time)

We should have Internet Rangers here too. I can’t see BT Ireland going for it.

Want a cheap SSD drive? Jason shows how.

Kurt Vonnegut talks about how to write with style. All those tips equally apply to blogging. Fantastic.

Muphry’s Law


The Colbert Bounce. It’s not slashdotting or DIGG is it?

Cylon Toasters. We all knew it was gonna happen.

Via Fabulist: WOON (jamie woon) – Spirits

Fluffy Links – Thursday July 17th 2008

Thursday, July 17th, 2008

Via PaulIrish Driving Test Tips. Handy resource for learner drivers. Crappy drivers also take note.

AJ Mckee has a blog.

So does Walter Wynne.

Jim’s blog post on Kraftwerk quickly descends into a coversation about the Irish music scene and the shite bands it appears to laud.

Adrian sent an email to the new community TV station in Dublin and got some feedback. This TV station sounds great. Start your own community TV show just like Wayne’s World. S’yeah. says Wicked is going silver screen.

10 Marketing lessons for conferences. Good points for the most part.

Via Green Ink:
bad cops bad cops

Via Chewing Gum For the Soul and forgive me for playing pop music here:
Lady GaGa – Just Dance