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Fluffy Links – Monday August 18th 2008

Monday, August 18th, 2008

Tweet Tweet – Archive your Twitter communications inside your WordPress Dashboard

MP3 Hugger has Little Boots doing a cover of My Rolex. This girl is a-rocking.

Via Elana, this is a screwed up Cake Wreck.

Alexia got her O2 iPhone but not without even more bother.

My Morning Jacket play Kilmainham on October 29th, oh yeah and yer man Seasick Steve will do the warm down after…

Cathal shows how insanely civil serviced the new An Post mobile top up is.

Paul points out an interesting report commissioned by An Post about direct mail marketing. Looks like someone in Amárach has discovered the Cluetrain as the report is called “The Future is a Conversation” or else they had to gently introduce An Post to the concept.

Rate This Toilet is back and flush with new reviews. Badoom.

Nialler says invest in Minotaur Shock.

Video of the Space Shuttle launch from a passing airplane.

Personal Space.

The art of food. A sneaker burger.

Pac Man: The Movie. I thought it was kind of interesting.

Regina Spektor – On the Radio

Fluffy Links – Friday August 15th 2008

Friday, August 15th, 2008

Check out Susan’s lovely Stony River Farm blog. Nice reading in it.

Nice post (yet another) from MJ about how to get funding in Ireland if you’re a business.

Teehee or oooer, you decide. CloudSteph points out RTE‘s Olympic gallery almost shows nudey bits.

Photobooth. Nice idea for events. But everyone has a camera these days.

Jim points out Fionn Regan is playing an intimate gig in November in Dublin. Avail.

Via Enda: No need to buy that app on the App Store to use your iPhone’s 3g to get your laptop online.

Ah handy. Make a toastie without cheese going everywhere in the toaster.

Polaroid kill off the polaroid and bring back… a camera with a printer?

A book on light and architecture. Check out the power station and roller coaster.

Mayhem. It’s like the Joker planned this.

Yup. Get yourself fired from Burger King by having a bath in their giant sink and stick the video of it on YouTube.

Via Sizemore – Far North trailer:

Especially for B’Dum B’Dum B’Dum

Fluffy Links – Thursday August 14th 2008

Thursday, August 14th, 2008

Phil has started doing some linky roundups. Link dumps are great. He points to this photo from Gavin and this amazing one too. Wow.

Irish SEO Watch, day what is it now? I have a terribly low opinion of SEO companies who advocate buying links in order to rig Google results.

Tropic Thunder sounds like it’s going to rock as a movie.

James Enck is back blogging. Fantastic. Except it’s cos he’s on the dole. Uberbolloxmegashame.

Wow, this is some footbridge.

Dog turd brings down powerlines.

Google happily censors their maps but photoshopping them badly is kinda sad.

Jesus. Aint it Cool News used to he hardcore. Selling out over Star Wars? Sheeeeit.

A fab book on how the street finds its own uses for things in Thailand.

Interesting take on piracy and getting coverage of the Olympics. Olympic committee continue with their “we’re dicks, here’s a takedown” tactics online too. They’ll never win. Or learn.

Via Fabulist:

‘The Irrepressibles’ – ‘In This Shirt’

Fluffy Links – Wednesday August 13th 2008

Wednesday, August 13th, 2008

On Twitter? Why not do Laura’s Twitter survey?

Steve. You summed it up perfectly. Nice one.

List of bloggers who are happy to copywrite/edit business blogs. Want to be added?

Sick of Aer Lingus being late? Aer Lateness has a nifty new player you can stick on your Facebook or iGoogle page.

A question of blog. George Hamilton is blogging.

I know how Shane feels. All this new music and most of it is pants.

Via McAWilliams: As if you can’t hate the iPhone owners enough, now you can install a free app to use your free web text from Meteor or O2.

Speaking all things iPhoneish. Some tips. More tips.

Blue Screen of Olympic Death

Some great Business Blogging tips.

Review iPhone apps while high. No, don’t. Bro.

Getting people to your site is one thing. Converting them into customers is another. 5 main reasons they don’t “convert”.

Via Alexia:

Fluffy Links – Tuesday August 12th 2008

Tuesday, August 12th, 2008

Back Seat Drivers. Back? Maybe perhaps yes.

Congrats to Fústar on Blog Post of the Month.

Roger Overall’s Food Photography Blog. We likey.

Liz McGonigal is using Twitter to give out PR tips. Nice idea. (Disclaimer: she’s a client)

Rain rain go away. No. really. My god.

Pat has his 3G iPhone working on Vodafone.

Tom Murphy is on a very nice shortlist of PR pros. Nice one Tom.

Amazing photos from the Olympics Opening Ceremony.

Is this the new Bond poster?

Casiotone for the Painfully Alone do a soundtrack for a movie.

I love this song. REM – Drive

Via Josh Spear, Something bad is going to happen here:

Fluffy Links – Monday August 11th 2008

Monday, August 11th, 2008

I think you should read this. The Secret Fire. Such a wonderful blog post. Maybe send it on to more friends too and link to it.

New Blog: Suedehead’s Emporium.

I never realised Brendan was blogging over here. I was subbed to his other blog.

Another new to me blog: And from these ashes

Via Stephen. This video demo of the dog-like robot freaked me out. It’s just so alive-like but headless. Mad.

A great example of how to get your company in the news with a simple survey.

I’m not so sure is this iPhone holder stylish or actually nerdish. Too pocket protector for me.

Jesus Christ. It’s an attachable snout for shaving.

Via Today’s Big Thing and everywhere else: Slow Mo Camera films lightning

Feck Apple, have a pear.

AT-AT and the Nazis.

Adam and PaulJoe do the new James Bond theme:
Adam’s go:

Joe’s go:

Fluffy Links – Friday August 8th 2008

Friday, August 8th, 2008

Facebook and Coca Cola. Changing the world?

Astronauts really keep their cool. Check this out.

Bread baked into looking like body parts.

Nabaztag now reads to your kids.

Via Kottke, How Buildings Learn TV series.
Episode 1

Fluffy Links – Thursday August 7th 2008

Thursday, August 7th, 2008

11. The BBC player goes to.

Piaras has fantastic tips for tech startups/tech SMEs.

Brilliant. Kilkenny County Council create a wiki for planning issues.

Ahhh David Norris. Always the vaudeville act.

This is cute.

Starbucks doesn’t seem to be doing well in Oz.

Garbage in…

Every bathroom needs this.

As blogs grow in audience, they take less risks. There are exceptions though.

Red Devil. Sky at night…

Scala and Kolacny Brothers – Friday I´m in Love

Fluffy Links – Tuesday August 5th 2008

Tuesday, August 5th, 2008

Will has a great idea about going pink.

Dear Paul Street Car Park. I’m coming for you.

The latest On the Record Muxtape is brilliant. Really love the cover of The Knife.

New site: Arts and Crafts of Ireland.

Why Powerpoint just doesn’t cut it for presentations.

The O2 sale where prices go up. A lot. Ooops.

So, what have you stolen?

Slash and Perry Farrell play a concert for kids. Wow. Though they played Jane Says. But the kids don’t know what it’s about.

My Drive Thru, a song sponsored by Converse:

Fluffy Links – Bank Holiday Monday August 4th 2008

Monday, August 4th, 2008

There’s a meetup in Ballincollig in Cork on the 7th for those who are applying to seedcorn/seedcamp.

Let’s have some foodie fun.

Via Irish Craft UpdateBrownie Points, gift ideas for men to buy their women. Site needs a better design, but great idea.

New blog: I saw this.

Sinéad says we should volunteer for science. So maybe do.

Nialler finds a very odd anti-smoking site.

Why Microsoft’s Mojave experiment proving people really do like Vista is just bollox. Good marketing stunt though.

A very interesting idea. Idiots who call 999 have their idiocy stuck up on YouTube.

A neat way of visualing social networks … using Excel

MGMT – Kids

Fly me to the moon. Sideways. Also on Robert’s blog: