Fluffy Links – Monday July 28th 2008

Peter goes green and fluffy.

Want to go to a Food Styling demonstration?

There’s an Irish Webmaster meetup on August 9th in Dublin.

TJ finds the best named legal firm in Ireland.

Chris has very good reasons to unsub from BoingBoing.

So if you do set up a Twitter account for your business, maybe don’t use your mobile as the mobile arm of it.

So what did that Joss Wheedon “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog” project make, numbers wise? Wheedon nodded in the comments that they were about right. Love this idea though:

For example, musical theater aficionados will note that a few of the Dr. Horrible numbers feature two distinct countermelodies. It’s difficult to parse a melody and a countermelody lyric in real time, much less two distinct countermelodies being sung along with a melody part. To get it all (and rabid Whedon fans will want to), you’d have to listen to it at least three times. So Dr. Horrible seems specifically engineered to be watched again and again

Maybe that’s the future of movies? Design movie so it can be watched a few times and deliver new content each time.

These are the Facebook applications that Facebook think are the future? Interesting that some are productivity tools on a site that many businesses think waste time.

What a great idea. A place to highlight PR fuckups. You can send on your own via Twitter.

iDesign 08.

Spammy titles in newspapers?

Olympics 2008 Monkey Movie – BBC Sport

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  1. NaRocRoc says:

    The BBC Olympics “Monkey” promo is cool. You can see (and hear) Gorillaz fingerprints all over it. Fair play to the Beeb for giving them the opportunity.