Fluffy Links – Friday 18th July 2008


Jesus feckin Christ, who the hell rings up a random Internet Café looking for escort numbers???

Stereotyping. I’ve never seen this blog in my life your honour. Well, I don’t think I have, yet it’s around for aages. (Internet time)

We should have Internet Rangers here too. I can’t see BT Ireland going for it.

Want a cheap SSD drive? Jason shows how.

Kurt Vonnegut talks about how to write with style. All those tips equally apply to blogging. Fantastic.

Muphry’s Law


The Colbert Bounce. It’s not slashdotting or DIGG is it?

Cylon Toasters. We all knew it was gonna happen.

Via Fabulist: WOON (jamie woon) – Spirits

One Response to “Fluffy Links – Friday 18th July 2008”

  1. That Vonnegut article was very good.
    However, the fact that I find his influence is the one which bothers me most with my own blog is not.