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Fluffy Links – Tuesday March 9th 2010

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

Lá na Gaeilge is coming up. Are we ready?

Also, Ghost Estates as Gaeilge:

“Eastáit na Si” or “Fairy Estates” is, of course, open to misinterpretation in today’s sexually-oriented parlance, but is an elegant Gaelicisation of this modern landmark feature and can be linked to the longstanding regard in which the Irish have held the “little people” or those from an “domhan eile”.

How economics underlies every aspect of the Google business model, blog post from Geary.

Enterprise Boards could be going, via EI comment?

Played with this app on Saturday, use iPhone to survey a crowd. Crowdscanner.

The top ad music of 2009.

Check out what Penguin Books have planned for the iPad.

Using your network to get innovating.

Using Google Analytics to get better stats for your Facebook Page.


Fluffy Links – Monday March 1st 2010

Monday, March 1st, 2010

The Cork French Film Festival started yesterday. Some good films on the list this year.

Emily O’Reilly not exactly a fan of social networks and the fact that they can’t be trusted sources but it’s not all bad, a previous speech from her shows she does think they have some value and are a good utility for engaging with the populace and promoting the work of Ombudsmen.

And on the idea of trusted sources. Hoax call to a radio station and the press tell the world about Gordon Brown’s tangerine scream.

Excellent post by JP on sharing, privacy and changing cultures.

One step beyond, Google phones can autotranslate documents you point them at.

Nice video of Freelance Whales, live.

Via An Cathach, great ad for Nolan’s Cheddar.

Fluffy Links – Friday February 26th 2010

Friday, February 26th, 2010

Dragon’s Den‘s Gavin Duffy is a-blogging.

Recession the Musical. Bet they’ll go bust and merge with Menopause the musical. That’ll be cranky.

And now for pure class. Rent is in the Opera House next week.

Ah Irish people. Monorail proposal on Your Country Your Call.

Consumers have the power. This guy isn’t happy with a car dealer.

Hah. Fetch balls. Really?

Scroll down for some nice concepts of superheroes in a retirement home.

I was wondering where Chris Cunningham went. Gucci ad.

Fluffy Links – Wednesday February 24th

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

New foodie blog Supper Satisfaction. Healthy eating from a guy who’s lost 8 stone so far.

Conor O’Neill is doing a poll on Where do you get *most* of your Irish web-industry business news?

Adrian Weckler on another post for businesses on proper use of email.

Conor also on why Google Earth just for Nexus is a bad idea.

I bet the same happens here. Councils give parking tickets to themselves, sue over nonpayment.

Dear Influential blogger, we’ll give you free broadband if…

Via Mark Hayes is the greatest Irish Music Video, ever. {{{{{ E V E R }}}}}
Crystal Swing – He Drinks Tequila

Miike Snow – Silvia

Fluffy Links – Tuesday 23rd February 2010

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

It’s not just Cork people you see, it’s Munster people who are over-patriotic. Munster – Nothing Else Matters.

Welcome to the blog.

Gerry Adams publicly questioned on his own blog about the absence of the Irish language from the recent historic Agreement at Hillsborough. And a little while later….

Google Streetview is on the way in Ireland. How to get you and your house removed from it.

Lot of biz related links today:

Old article but good. How to conduct meetings, Google style.

Product placements on RTÉ on the way.

Synergy Centre, the business incubator space at the Institute of Technology, Tallaght, is currently accepting applications for free one year intensive business programme. Deadline for applications is 26th February 2010. Apply here.

Not Robocop tech, but Innovator has identified 15 opportunities to develop new services, processes and products in the Civil Security Market. InterTrade backed workshops on this area.

My fav C words. Apart from Cork, chocolate and the usuals.

Dublin Chamber of Commerce members on Twitter.

Heard mention of these on Phantom yest.
Smoke Fairies – Living With Ghosts

Fluffy Links – Monday 22nd February 2010

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

Donal is on the Afternoon Show today at 4pm. Watch if you can!

Movies by Moonlight in Blackrock Castle.

Bertie Ahern, true crime.

RTE Documentary on One now available as iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch app. (Warning iTunes link)

Highly interesting. Realtime measurement of users on your site and what it means.

Via Slashdot. Jimmy Wales on innovation: Fail faster.

Leo Burdock‘s are on Twitter now.

Amzing links to rock and roll debuts on TV.

Hello Kitty, the musical/show. Crikey.

This fell into my inbox the other day, edited news reels about the Catholic Church’s sustained child abuse campaign:

Oh and this is apparently post number 4006 on the blog. Wow.

Fluffy Links – Thursday 18th of February 2010

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

Given this is Lent I’m hoping TUG will give up being cynical for it. Or even a percentage. Ah no, maybe next year 🙂

Crowdfunding an Irish book. Declan needs a few hundred people to commit to buying his book and then he can pubish it. Interesting way of getting it out.

New blog. Dublin Chamber of Commerce’s President, Peter Brennan, is blogging his year in office.

Most popular Facebook Pages in Ireland.

Speaking of which, load of jobs available in Facebook Dublin.

Radio DNS. Perhaps another future of radio using the Internet.

The Wisdom 2.0 conference looks quite interesting.

Wolfmother – Joker and the thief (Recycled rock)

Fluffy Links – Wednesday February 17th 2010

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

Been an insane week so apologies for lack of posts here. A few quick links.

What should you as a webdesigner charge? James has some thoughts.

I’m apparently picking fights with people at the Digital Landscapes Conference on March 3rd. I guess they have me in for the big brother entertainment factor while others are taking the thing seriously and giving good proper insights to business.

One of the (I’m told by DMI) very view Google Analytics trainers is in Dublin next week to do two days of training in association with the Digital Marketing Institute. Details here.

Is this your password you see before you? Phew.

How to overcome creative block.

Safe haven for journos and content creators in Iceland? Interesting concept at least.

Guns n’ roses – The Garden

Fluffy Links – Friday February 12th 2010

Friday, February 12th, 2010

Last few judges needed now for the Blog Awards 2010.

Interesting to see media interest around Toyota and how it went from a bit, to a good deal to stratosphere. Some are wondering is there too much focus.

Another fine post from WhatClinic who keep sharing their experiences. This one on bounce rates.

Cybercom are hiring. Media Innovation Director.

Wonders. Bespoke knitting where you can pick the granny. iPhones and sausages and more.

Jonsi’s new music video is just lovely.

Nick Carr sticks it to the Information Wants to be Free lot. That means me!

CIVIL CIVIC – Less Unless, again as heard on Jim Carroll’s show.

Fluffy Links – Wednesday February 10th 2010

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

Good luck to Seán Fee on his next adventure.

In a Ben Dunne accent: Frank Prendergast does webdesign in Cork for THE INTERNET. Frank’s new website is really damned nice. Have a look.

Play games? want your thoughts. Survey here. It’ll take shorter than lining up that headshot. (Is that what it’s called? Had to ask Google for a cool gamer phrase.)

Can you shoot, edit and then screen a feature-length movie in 72 hours? Obama says Yes you can. So do these folks from the 72 Hour Movie. See it at the Galway Film Fleadh this July.

George Lee fallout DAY2! A supporter is disappointed by you George Flee.

Email productivity help.

Computer Juice, as heard on Jim Carroll’s show.