Fluffy Links – Friday February 26th 2010

Dragon’s Den‘s Gavin Duffy is a-blogging.

Recession the Musical. Bet they’ll go bust and merge with Menopause the musical. That’ll be cranky.

And now for pure class. Rent is in the Opera House next week.

Ah Irish people. Monorail proposal on Your Country Your Call.

Consumers have the power. This guy isn’t happy with a car dealer.

Hah. Fetch balls. Really?

Scroll down for some nice concepts of superheroes in a retirement home.

I was wondering where Chris Cunningham went. Gucci ad.

4 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Friday February 26th 2010”

  1. That consumer website directed at a car dealership is similar to what used to be a common phenomenon in the US, though usually the domain name was registered with -sucks.com at the end. Good few UDRP decisions out there.

  2. I’m laughing here, that guy dealing with the car dealership has the same name as my Dad. It is not my Dad – solitaire is as far as he has gotten with his computing endeavours to date.

  3. […] I didn’t know who he was either until I came across this post over on Mulley’s […]

  4. Hi

    Just came across your site. I am not happy at with the garage I bought my second-hand car from. I have loads of information to update the site with but I have to wait a little longer before I put it up on the site. SIMI are involved now so I need to wait and see who they handle things. My complaint will be heard by SIMI’s tribunal panel in mid April 2010. They will make a decision on what Murray Motor Company T/A Castleknock Car Centre should do. I will of course update the site with developments.

    Martina I swear I am not your dad, I wasn’t even their lol.

    I do appreciate the comments and link to the site. It all helps to spread the message that consumers should fight back. I have the Google Page Rank at 2 for the site I set up. This guy’s own car dealer web site, castleknock car centre dot ie does not even have a Google Page Rank. I put his web site like that because I do not want to link this site to his site.


    Patrick Skelly