Fluffy Links – Wednesday February 24th

New foodie blog Supper Satisfaction. Healthy eating from a guy who’s lost 8 stone so far.

Conor O’Neill is doing a poll on Where do you get *most* of your Irish web-industry business news?

Adrian Weckler on another post for businesses on proper use of email.

Conor also on why Google Earth just for Nexus is a bad idea.

I bet the same happens here. Councils give parking tickets to themselves, sue over nonpayment.

Dear Influential blogger, we’ll give you free broadband if…

Via Mark Hayes is the greatest Irish Music Video, ever. {{{{{ E V E R }}}}}
Crystal Swing – He Drinks Tequila

Miike Snow – Silvia

3 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Wednesday February 24th”

  1. Donncha says:

    I think I recognise where that Crystal Swing video was shot, it’s in Blarney..

  2. Brian says:

    You have to book Crystal Swing for the Blog Awards. Have to. 😀

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