Fluffy Links – Thursday 18th of February 2010

Given this is Lent I’m hoping TUG will give up being cynical for it. Or even a percentage. Ah no, maybe next year 🙂

Crowdfunding an Irish book. Declan needs a few hundred people to commit to buying his book and then he can pubish it. Interesting way of getting it out.

New blog. Dublin Chamber of Commerce’s President, Peter Brennan, is blogging his year in office.

Most popular Facebook Pages in Ireland.

Speaking of which, load of jobs available in Facebook Dublin.

Radio DNS. Perhaps another future of radio using the Internet.

The Wisdom 2.0 conference looks quite interesting.

Wolfmother – Joker and the thief (Recycled rock)

One Response to “Fluffy Links – Thursday 18th of February 2010”

  1. TUG says:

    Jaysus, Fame! And I only live till Tuesday!


    As an avowed atheist I will actually be taking up things for Lent, time to get to a Head Shop before they are all burnt down!