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60% of Irish people have never used email

Friday, November 25th, 2005

The JNLR figures came out this week and as well as having the usual Radio listenership stuff they had other trends on Internet usage and gadget usage. I unfortunately don’t have access to the data (you have to pay for it) but was told by a few friends and journalists about it. The biggie was that 60% of people have never used email and that only 45% of people either at home or work have access to the Internet. 14% of people surveyed have DSL at home and 37% have regular Internet access. I’m waiting on clarifications on these figures especially the “never used email” bit. Anyone know TNS MRBI people who could clarify these figures?

Piaras briefed us about the last JNLRs which showed 14% of people had an mp3 player. The most recent figures state that 8% of adults have an iPod. That’s quite surprising to me. Very high.

The low usage of Internet reflects an IrelandOffline press release on the digital divide we sent out earlier this week which quoted ComReg figures showing only 37% of households go online and only 1/4 of them use broadband. The big issue with the figure apart from being low is that it hasn’t changed in two years.

I’m genuinely shocked at this email usage figure and the fact that when you add work and home net access the usage figure is only 45%. So much for knowledge economy, so much for the digital hub.

UPDATE: Sunday Times piece on this.

Thursday 24th November bits

Thursday, November 24th, 2005

More Google videos:

Barney to a 2pac soundtrack.

Family Guy, horrible ugly puking clip. Highly entertaining.

Via BoingBoing:

A woman named Mary Van Deusen creates videos for old pop songs by recutting footage from the old Sherlock Holmes Granada TV series starring Jeremy Brett.

View her art here.

Only in America:
A bike with a treadmill. So you can jog on a treadmill while touring around outdoors.

Antoin talks about the new user interface:

So I can set it up so that when a customer rings my Dublin number, both my phone in the office and my mobile phone (and my home phone as well, if I want) all ring, and the call goes through to whichever phone is answered first.

That’s shit hot!

Coolhunting talk about the work of Cindy Wright. Beautiful art and photorealistic.

Adsense for Angel Funding, Adsense for Charity

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2005

Kevin Burton ups the ante on community angel funding by discussing how supporters of his (like the ones who donated a few quid a few weeks ago) could leverage their website to host AdSense ads that he’d benefit from. That’s fantastically clever and very easy to implement way of making some cash.

I actually didn’t know that you could host your AdSense ads on another site not owned by you. This is quite interesting. It could be quite a good way actually of funding new initiatives in various suburbs of the blogosphere. I’m just thinking that if everyone on the IrishBlogs list or on Planet of the Blogs list added an Adsense ad to their main page, it could help to fund a dedicated programmer to work on a project that would benefit everyone that blogs in Ireland or maybe the ad money could be used to donate money to a group that protects online civil rights.

Then again coming up to Christmas the ads could be used for the secret santa project or given to a worthy childrens charity.

John Breslin – Net Visionary

Saturday, November 19th, 2005

I forgot to post about this yesterday. Congratulations to John Breslin on finally getting the recognition he deserves. You deserve many more awards too John.

Red Mum a columnist, Twenty is bigger than Jesus, Donncha photofamous

Friday, November 18th, 2005

Red Mum now has a column in the Echo (Dublin version.)

Twenty is bigger than Jesus and that ugly scouser Lennon. That’s no mean feat, even these days when so many people haven’t listened to Jesus’s cds or Lennon’s sermons.

To complete this holy trinity DJ mentions that Donncha’s photos could be in a TodayFM book. His work may even be on the late late with plank kenny.

Scoble doble do time – Robert Scoble IT@Cork Podcast

Friday, November 18th, 2005

Tom has put up his podcast of the interview with Robert Scoble. I don’t know why but the theme tune to the Flintstones started going through my head when I thought of Scoble in mp3 form. My brain is weird, what can I say. Anyway, like Homer did with his “Homer, Homer Simpson” remake, here is one for Scoble.

Scoble, Robert Scoble
He’s the greatest guy in history
From the town of Redmond
He’s making a nice guy out of Bill G.

Rob writes about everyone he meets
using RSS and disruptive techniques

When you meet MicroScoble,
You’ll have a scoble doble do time,
A doble do time,
You’ll have a Bill and Steve and Ray old time.

This is who we are: Euan Semple finds a good definition of the blogosphere

Thursday, November 17th, 2005

Euan Semple quotes from Theodore Zeldin and says the quote can aptly describe the blogosphere:

I see humanity as a family that has hardly met. I see the meeting of people, bodies, thoughts, emotions or actions as the start of most change. Each link created by a meeting is like a filament, which, if they were all visible, would make the world look as if it is covered with gossamer. Every individual is connected to others, loosely or closely, by a unique combination of filaments, which stretch across frontiers of space and time…

The Nally case

Wednesday, November 16th, 2005

Suzy gives her thoughts on the Nally case and predicted there would be a lot of talk in the ‘sphere about this but it doesn’t seem to have happened yet. She also points to the ever hilarious rantings of United Irelander to be the opposite of what she believes. UI wants the man freed, yet Nally himself said he deserves jailtime.

After reading Suzy’s link to the Vincent Browne piece in the Business Post I was of the view that the man was definitely guilty of manslaughter and possibly murder. Vincent seems to suggest the victim was executed with the killing shot, a shot to the head. However there seems to be conflicting reports whether the second shot was to the head or shot him in the left arm and went through it and into his chest and lungs.

If you read UI as the counter to Browne then you will probably side with Suzy since it seems UI’s argument is the same as some of the loony liberals UI hates would post about on Indymedia. Suzy, pick a better person who disagrees with your view, you’re being lazy and going for easy kills. (This is the point in the post where UI decides he needs to make a rebuttal. Can you hear the mouse go clicky clicky?)

However my view softened when I heard an interview with Nally that was replayed on the Last Word tonight. He lives very close to where those two brothers were sexually assaulted and beaten last year and one died in hospital later from the beating. This was where the girl sliced the guys penis off too if I recall. They were travellers too that did it. And yes it does matter as all but the most openminded folks generalise, it is what humans do to prevent information overload.

An interesting fact was that Nally said he was guilty and he should do time. When he was reloading the gun he was of the firm belief that the other guy who had fled in the car was getting the rest of the clan to come back and kill him. It wasn’t about teaching a lesson to them, it was about the fact that he struck out at robbers on his land and then realised they could kill him or do worse before they killed him, like what happened to his neighbours. It was about he was an old man, he was alone, all he had left were his possessions and some of them were taken already. The state of feeling so weak and powerlessness can make one do irrational things. Thieves were on his land and threatening his world.

Seems to me he believed he was fighting for his life. If you believed that you could be sexually assaulted and murdered in a horrific way, what would you do? Me? I’d use force, I’d use every means to preserve my life. At the same time, there is a cost for destroying life, no matter who’s it is, if we respect our own life so much then we need to pay the price when we take another’s. I think the sentence the man got was fair.

Nally was asked did he speak to the victims family and he said no. He was asked if he did what would he say and strangely he said that they should cop on and start behaving and acting responsibly. I fear that Nally was just in the wrong place at the wrong time but that his case is just a convenient way to polarise people. Bigots love this kind of stuff to push their own agenda and their barely concealed hatred. A rally in Mayo will not be productive. People in Mayo should be reflecting on their community and what could have been done to prevent something like this. Look after your old people, tell your neighbours to check in with you, make sure everyone is safe, communicate with the Gardai more and as Nally said, some need to cop on.

Irish Times does a Forbes

Monday, November 14th, 2005

Via Gavin and Slugger is news that the Irish Times has another hostile piece on blogs. Doing a Forbes Irish style I guess we could call it. Slugger really decontructed the piece and showed what a badly researched and monstrously biased piece it was.

Just like Forbes we have the same emotive words to describe bloggers:

Anybody, anywhere with access to a computer can blog – you can use your blog for a personal attack, to preach racial hatred or merely to solve the world’s problems.

Well done the Irish Times. And I was considering giving yearly subscriptions to the Irish Times website to the Irish Blog Awards winners.

Google Analytics – Really fancy stats for your site

Monday, November 14th, 2005

Google Analytics released. You need an Adwords account. I don’t do ads on my site so not sure will I sign up. It’s very clever of Google, in a way – release really good stats packages that you can use and that they can use to monitor traffic and click-through rates. I’m sure it might actually encourage me too to put ads on my site if I think they could make me some money and Google of course would reap the rewards too.

What is quite interesting too is the use of additional colour (orange) on the Google Analytics webpage. To me this is a first, but maybe I never used AdWords before so I didn’t notice this.