Google Analytics – Really fancy stats for your site

Google Analytics released. You need an Adwords account. I don’t do ads on my site so not sure will I sign up. It’s very clever of Google, in a way – release really good stats packages that you can use and that they can use to monitor traffic and click-through rates. I’m sure it might actually encourage me too to put ads on my site if I think they could make me some money and Google of course would reap the rewards too.

What is quite interesting too is the use of additional colour (orange) on the Google Analytics webpage. To me this is a first, but maybe I never used AdWords before so I didn’t notice this.

6 Responses to “Google Analytics – Really fancy stats for your site”

  1. danger says:

    You don’t need an adwords account to use it I don’t think, just a standard google account, gmail etc. – I signed up earlier without any adwords stuff. Once you sign up it’s a little javascript to stick on the site.

  2. Michele says:

    As danger said, you don’t need an adwords account. If you have one and it is in use then you get completely unlimited usage. If you don’t you get close to unlimited usage – see

  3. seekXL says:

    @ Michele … correct what you write, i have read the same news.

  4. Damien says:

    I’ll check again but last time I logged in it wanted to know my AdWords account before I could progress.

  5. TimTim says:

    Personally if your site isn’t popular (like mine) adsense is not worth the hassle of putting into place (like on my site) In the past year I’ve made the grand total of $1.17 ~approx.

    Although these new stats look fairly spiffy and might encourage me to move off AWStats all together.

  6. Mike says:

    Hi can some one tell me if your account number is your user id on adwords and do I just paste it in here

    My issue is mine goes 111 -222- 4567 so tehre are lots of digits

    _uacct = “UA-173501-1”;