Thursday 24th November bits

More Google videos:

Barney to a 2pac soundtrack.

Family Guy, horrible ugly puking clip. Highly entertaining.

Via BoingBoing:

A woman named Mary Van Deusen creates videos for old pop songs by recutting footage from the old Sherlock Holmes Granada TV series starring Jeremy Brett.

View her art here.

Only in America:
A bike with a treadmill. So you can jog on a treadmill while touring around outdoors.

Antoin talks about the new user interface:

So I can set it up so that when a customer rings my Dublin number, both my phone in the office and my mobile phone (and my home phone as well, if I want) all ring, and the call goes through to whichever phone is answered first.

That’s shit hot!

Coolhunting talk about the work of Cindy Wright. Beautiful art and photorealistic.

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