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Saturday, March 18th, 2006

3rd Annual Nigerian Email Marketing Conference. Shame I missed it. Some good highlights including:

“The hotel was very, very upscale. The running water was a nice touch! – Dr, Collins Mdadiwe

The Scientology Episode Tom Cruise got canceled.

Installing reBlog on your server. This is a very very sweet blog aggregator.

Survey from Canadian version of IRMA counters many of their own claims. Via the brilliant Michael Geist.

Scoble interviews Microsoft lawyer Don McGowan. Very interesting interview and gives a great insight into how Microsoft works. You have to wonder how many wild and genius ideas Microsoft had to ditch because of the worries of litigation. MS has a legal Dept with 800+ staff. Jesus. Don does a fantastic and almost candid interview. It would be good to see more people like Don around the place. He gives very good advice too to anyone that finds they are not working for the good guy at times. Some of Don’s writing.

Dana Boyd paper “G/localization: When Global Information and Local Interaction Collide”

Tom Coates praises PXN8

Saturday, March 18th, 2006

Well done Walter and crew. Tom Coates tells how he has a thing for PXN8. That’s a pretty sweet endorsement. And like the stereotypical Corkman I am obliged my local law and genetics to point out that PXN8 is from Cork. Like.

Thursdayness – Some quick links

Thursday, March 16th, 2006

The Podfather points to a survey showing radio is losing to podcasts and mp3s. I’m sure mp3s and the availability of millions of songs via an Internet connection have made most of the impact and that podcasting has made a smaller impact. It must still be a challenge though for traditional radio and for those that adopt to podcasting they could get a whole new audience. I can’t listen to Pet Sounds on TodayFM most nights due to college but I’d listen to the podcasts on the weekend and being a podcast I don’t need to hang around a radio for it. For shitty daytime shows I would think podcasting them is a waste but for something like niche shows like Pet Sounds and discussion shows like the Last Word then they’d increase their audience.

More Blog Awards prizes were given away today.

Last night I finally listened to interview with Sligo Tourism Gal Aine Chambers on the Monday Dave Fanning show. I was shocked and impressed that at the very end of the piece she thanked myself and Letter to America host Jett Loe. Aine is a natural for the airwaves. She controled the interview well and that’s something else when being interviewed by livewire Dave Fanning who is very hard to keep up with.
Update: Aine is now also in the Sligo Champion. Bump Aine on

Dave Winer to leave blogging world – qui custodiet?

Wednesday, March 15th, 2006

MJ mentions that Dave Winer is going to blogRetire. Dave Winer can be childish, petulant, mean, brash and loud. By god do we need more people like Dave but do we have them? Not only has Dave created blogging but he has also created Podcasting. The current new shift in trends is all thanks to him. He’s the guy who has also on numerous occassions said “Dude, that emperor is naked. ”

Dave’s not Gandhi but he was and is of the same attitude to get things done for the greater good. The right things. Dave knows when he’s right and will kick and scream and prod and push to bring everyone on side. Gandhi was blessed in that he had everyone onside when he did his work. Dave doesn’t because the opressors are not as obvious as they once were. They creep nicely in and we think they’re great and then bam, you’ve been fucked over. Evil is no longer zero sum.

How can you have the people behind you when the people don’t know what the hell is about to happen? Dave’s not been disheartened about this and in the past has thrown himself on many a grenade and decided to not give a fuck about popular opinion in order to stop the madness.

So Dave is going to retire and I hope he enjoys his retirement. He’s got plenty of battle scars and he deserves to take a break. Hope you have fun with your spare time fella. But who’ll replace him? A replacement is needed or more than one. Scoble, Searls, Weinberger are far too polite and we don’t need more polite people. We need people who are as tough as nails and will dive into a fight besides sitting around and discussing it. Who’s got the brains and the balls to get really angry about things and to not take the bullshit fed to and believed by others. Dave won’t take crap from Google, Apple, MS to name but a few. He’ll call out the new companies too who seem to ge so much love by the “A listers” who schmooze with them so much and are kept under the thumb via nominations to advisory boards.

Can the recruitment process for the next Dave start asap? We really need someone to fill the void.

The hunter becomes the hunted – Interview with a blogger

Wednesday, March 15th, 2006

The BBC had a radio show called Chain Reaction. The idea was that someone from the entertainment world begins the series interviewing a person of their choice. The following week the interviewee becomes interviewer and choses their own person to interview. And so it goes on. The series wrapped up with Alan Moore interviewing Brian Eno. Would anyone like to do the same here for Irish bloggers? Since we all got on so well at the Blog Awards and chatted with people we previously only engaged with online and from meeting them in personlearned a good deal more, I’m sure now there are a load of new people we’d like to talk to and find out more about. To me it’d be a nice way of humanising this Blog O’Sphere too. I’d like to kick it off by nominating two people who would then go off and ask people to be interviewed. That way we should see about two new interviews every week or so. Are people interested in taking part in this?

Few rules:
Interview someone that you don’t know really well already otherwise it’s a bunch of mates telling each other how great they are.
Try and mix it up too by interviewing someone outside the sphere you normally blog in. Techs interviewing techs is going to be boring as are Republicans interviewing Republicans.
If you interview someone so they can just talk up their business then you will ruin the spirit of this and I’ll call you names on this blog. Maybe even rude names.
Be civil to the person you interview. Don’t interview someone just so you can get a load of digs in because you have totally different political views. I think Tom Cosgrave’s open letter to Richard is probing enough without being antagonistic.
Email the person first if you want to interview them besides saying on your blog that you want to because they should be under no pressure to accept.
Not a rule as such but a suggestion – Don’t lay out a set of questions and let it at that. Send a few follow-up emails to clarify some points or dig deeper into certain areas.

Oh, just seen UI’s piece on Damien Blake. Nicely done.

Update: 16 March 06
Greetings MSNBC Clicked readers. Thank you for stopping by. If you want to read more about Irish Blogs then try and PlanetOftheBlogs. We’ve got a great community going here and we appreciate your patronage. 🙂

So, what next?

Monday, March 13th, 2006

I was hoping to announce a few things at the blog Awards but was so busy gearing up for it that didn’t have time. So what’s next?

Myself and John Breslin are hoping to organise another Awards event for sometime this year but it won’t be about blogs. 🙂

I’m working with a few groups for a Technology conference in September. Think I already have a sponsor for it.

IrelandOffline are hoping to organise a conference this year and I hope to help John Timmons with this.

The very next item though is going to be the bloggers workshop. Myself and That Girl will work on this and it already looks like we have a venue sorted thanks to a nice training company. We just need to agree on what the formula is going to be. There’s a workshop wiki set up for it if you want to contribute.

A bloggers’ Workshop? Ok, you got it.

Monday, March 6th, 2006

That Girl suggested we have a Bloggers’ Workshop and it’s a fine idea and something other bloggers mentioned before. An actual face to face, get your laptops out for the boys/girls workshop would be fantastic and I think the cost of room and net hire would be covered by a sponsor or else on a very low entrance fee. But before an actual face to face meetup we should find out the most common questions and get people to contribute answers. So the Blogging Workshop wiki has been born. Post your questions and provide answers there. The password to access it is jamtart.

What’s a wiki you ask? Just like a shared blogpost really. Anyone can edit the page they’re looking at. It’s easy to edit and add text. Not as easy to make it look pretty and format it but there are a few tools to help you along.

If you are scared of the Wiki but have questions you want to add. Just post them here in the comments and we’ll add them to the list. Where “we” is not me but some other nice blogging angel.

When we get a lot of questions and answers we can make it into a nice pretty guide and then we can have an event for those that still want to talk to someone in person and have a techy work on their blog. The techy should be fed with coffee and gummy bears. I myself like Cheesecake.

Smashing the Broadband excuses

Wednesday, March 1st, 2006

As part of the IrelandOffline submission to the Department of Communications I compiled a list of the most common excuses used by the Govt and eircom/ComReg as to why we are the donkey(donk-E) of Europe when it comes to broadband.

Facts, figures and PR machines spinning overtime.

One of the reasons we believe we are in such a dire situation in Ireland when it comes to broadband is the insistence by so many groups that there is nothing wrong with the broadband market in Ireland. Problems cannot be addressed if they are not given recognition. Forfas have reported how bad we are, they gave solutions. The Information Society Commission issued reports and suggestions as did the Oireachtas report on broadband. Many reports and many valid suggestions have been made but the majority of the recommendations have never been carried out.

Growth Rates
Claiming to have one of the highest growth rates in the EU to make it appear we are doing well is disingenuous. If the penetration rate of Ireland is 5% and we have a growth rate of 100% it means we are going to go up to 10%. A country with a penetration rate of 25% and a growth rate of 60% will boost the penetration rate to 40%. Ireland is being lapped and lapped again by every developed country in the world. Patting ourselves on the back for a high growth rate is deceptive and dishonest.

The fungible excuses of no cable competition, starting late, telecoms bubble bursting, population density, pc penetration and lack of demand need to cease. These excuses can easily be shot down as will be shown in the next few paragraphs.

Cable Competition
The excuse of not having cable competition as a reason for Ireland being a world joke when it comes to broadband penetration does not hold weight. Cable is not the cause of worldwide broadband penetration increases. Many countries have aspired to high penetration rates without cable. A cable famine is another excuse and deflection of the truth.

Telecoms Bubble Bursting
Additionally the technology and telecoms “bubble� “bursting� is used to explain why we were a late starter in the area of broadband. The telecoms market and the bubble bursting were not localized to Ireland. Every country felt it and some even more so than Ireland. Those same countries are way ahead of us now. Why is that?

Population Density
Population density is another favoured excuse for rollout issues and as a result low broadband adoption in Ireland. Many of the Scandinavian populations are less dense than Ireland and have much better broadband penetration rates. Northern Ireland has 100% availability and a penetration rate than the Republic. Same geography, same population density.

PC Penetration
PC Penetration is fast becoming the favoured excuse for lack of broadband penetration. The excuse runs that since we have low PC usage we have low broadband usage. PCs are now primarily network access devices. Why buy an expensive device if you cannot use it for what you want it to do? Consumers are being blamed for lack of broadband penetration because they are not buying PCs. Have consumers ever been blamed for poor mobile network coverage because they are not buying enough handsets? Meteor built out their network and generated almost 100% coverage and as latest figures showed their customer base jumped a large amount.

Irish consumers use Playstations and X-Boxes more than any other nation in the world apart from Japan. We adore technology but we are not stupid. We would not buy something that we could not use. We will not buy a PC if we cannot get high speed Internet to amke use of it.

Staying with the X-box theme – you cannot blame the lack of X-Boxes for lack of games being sold if it transpires that the number of games out there were severely limited and only a certain percentage of the population could access the shops where the games were sold. Yet this backwards excuse is used about PCs and broadband. Build a broadband network that reaches all and PC usage will jump. The corollary is not true.

Lack of Demand
A very hostile and silly excuse for low penetration rates is lack of demand. We do not for one single second believe this to be true. We instead believe it to be convenient for avoiding the hard work of getting Ireland from bottom to near the top of all the broadband league tables.

ISDN usage has increased not decreased. It should be obvious why this is. People want broadband and cannot get it and resort to expensive ISDN. Satellite usage is increasing not decreasing again because people need something like broadband and resort to a inferior and horribly expensive system to get them close to what they need. Why would people pay €1000 install fee and minimum €70 a month for such a service if it wasn’t because they need broadband or fax-broadband services and will pay so much for something that isn’t broadband but is better than dialup.

The IrelandOffline survey showed the majority they surveyed who were on dialup (circa 400 people) wanted broadband but could not get it. The Chamber of Commerce of Ireland recently showed that 30% of businesses who wanted to upgrade to broadband could not do so because of the lack of availability of broadband. Anytime there is a radio piece on broadband the switchboards are bombarded by people who cannot get broadband. There is not a lack of demand, there is a lack of believing there is demand.

Unless the energy put into creatively coming up with excuses for the current situation is channeled into something more constructive, we will be held back from moving forward.

Bloggers – Take the Photo Challenge

Thursday, February 23rd, 2006

Listed below are all the blogs that were in the long list for Best Photoblog. I’m challenging you, the reader of this blog, to visit 2-3 of the below photoblogs and spend some time going through them and pick out 2 favourite photos from the blogs you visited and blog about them and include the photos or a thumbnail of them in the post itself. Introduce your audience to them and give the wonderful photographic artists a boost in traffic. Also link back to this post so I can see who’s taken up the challenge.

EDIT: Due to a silly error with my HTML skills I seemed to comment out half the list. Proper list now displayed.
Iced Coffee
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Please register for the Blog Awards

Tuesday, February 21st, 2006

Damn you success! It seems there might be a LOT more people coming to the awards than initially expected so can anyone that wants to go register their attendance as soon as possible. I’ll be booking a new location judging by these numbers by end of week. Yikes. Not like I had enough to stress me!