Thursdayness – Some quick links

The Podfather points to a survey showing radio is losing to podcasts and mp3s. I’m sure mp3s and the availability of millions of songs via an Internet connection have made most of the impact and that podcasting has made a smaller impact. It must still be a challenge though for traditional radio and for those that adopt to podcasting they could get a whole new audience. I can’t listen to Pet Sounds on TodayFM most nights due to college but I’d listen to the podcasts on the weekend and being a podcast I don’t need to hang around a radio for it. For shitty daytime shows I would think podcasting them is a waste but for something like niche shows like Pet Sounds and discussion shows like the Last Word then they’d increase their audience.

More Blog Awards prizes were given away today.

Last night I finally listened to interview with Sligo Tourism Gal Aine Chambers on the Monday Dave Fanning show. I was shocked and impressed that at the very end of the piece she thanked myself and Letter to America host Jett Loe. Aine is a natural for the airwaves. She controled the interview well and that’s something else when being interviewed by livewire Dave Fanning who is very hard to keep up with.
Update: Aine is now also in the Sligo Champion. Bump Aine on

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  1. podcasts provides a great opportunity for local radio to become more international.

    ex-pats and plastic paddies keeping an ear to what is happening at home seem to love content from home. So if Mick is now living in silicon valley and listens to podcasts of what is happening in his home county of Kerry but being simultaneously hit with valley based advertising.

    this creates potentially new revenue streams and audiences for Local Radio stations