Dave Winer to leave blogging world – qui custodiet?

MJ mentions that Dave Winer is going to blogRetire. Dave Winer can be childish, petulant, mean, brash and loud. By god do we need more people like Dave but do we have them? Not only has Dave created blogging but he has also created Podcasting. The current new shift in trends is all thanks to him. He’s the guy who has also on numerous occassions said “Dude, that emperor is naked. ”

Dave’s not Gandhi but he was and is of the same attitude to get things done for the greater good. The right things. Dave knows when he’s right and will kick and scream and prod and push to bring everyone on side. Gandhi was blessed in that he had everyone onside when he did his work. Dave doesn’t because the opressors are not as obvious as they once were. They creep nicely in and we think they’re great and then bam, you’ve been fucked over. Evil is no longer zero sum.

How can you have the people behind you when the people don’t know what the hell is about to happen? Dave’s not been disheartened about this and in the past has thrown himself on many a grenade and decided to not give a fuck about popular opinion in order to stop the madness.

So Dave is going to retire and I hope he enjoys his retirement. He’s got plenty of battle scars and he deserves to take a break. Hope you have fun with your spare time fella. But who’ll replace him? A replacement is needed or more than one. Scoble, Searls, Weinberger are far too polite and we don’t need more polite people. We need people who are as tough as nails and will dive into a fight besides sitting around and discussing it. Who’s got the brains and the balls to get really angry about things and to not take the bullshit fed to and believed by others. Dave won’t take crap from Google, Apple, MS to name but a few. He’ll call out the new companies too who seem to ge so much love by the “A listers” who schmooze with them so much and are kept under the thumb via nominations to advisory boards.

Can the recruitment process for the next Dave start asap? We really need someone to fill the void.

2 Responses to “Dave Winer to leave blogging world – qui custodiet?”

  1. adam says:

    Trouble with Dave is, he kicks and screams and prods and pushes when he’s wrong too. And when he’s not sure. And when he’s putting the kettle on, and stroking the cat, and picking his nose.

    Is Dave your role model Damien? 🙂

  2. Walter says:

    Dave’s just looking for people to kick up a fuss.
    He first threathened to give up blogging 3 years ago.
    If he was serious he’d just do it. One post is all it takes, then turn the lights off.