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Fluffy Links – Friday June 5th 2009

Friday, June 5th, 2009

Please do vote in the local, European and by(e)-elections today.

Email Marketing courses this Summer from Spoiltchild.

The Top 50 Irish Albums released in the last 10 years (as voted by 35 of’s writers)

New Irish site: – enables people with ideas get in contact with people with skills.

Irish Carpooling service.

New Irish Sports blog. A Sporting View.

Sony Playstation blog for Europe. Not like a Song for Europe.

Have you heard the one where the Irish Indo called Mary McAleese the “Taoiseach”, Brian Cowen the “Prime Minister” and the gardaí were the “police”?

Facebook guide for luddities.

MGMT’s Kids. This official version is beyond fucked up. Terrorising a baby.

Speaking of which:

Prodigy – Out of space

A vote for Labour is a vote for Fianna Fáil

Thursday, June 4th, 2009

Labour have bedded with Fianna Fáil in the past and how long did it take Eamon Gilmore to come out and say they would NOT go into Government with Fianna Fáil? Only when the polls declared certain death to Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael roaring into a huge lead. Leaving their options wide open for so long tells you something of their philosophy. So while Gilmore and his posse were constantly slamming the Government, they never said they were ruling out a deal. The door is always open with Labour and they can always so a Trevor Sargent if needs be. A vote for Labour is a vote for Fianna Fáil, a vote for the Greens is the same. Fianna Fáil and their corrupt antics should have them be wiped out but it won’t, they always bounce back and they can do it faster than any other party so they might be weak now and you can weaken them more but when they get stronger (in part due to poor opposition) then Labour will u-turn like they like to do.

May 31, Nor Nork district
Photo owned by gipajournos (cc)

So what have you got left? Fine Gael? Independents? Socialist Party?

Troublingly, the alternative of not voting/spoiling your vote is not a good option. You need to get out and vote but do it in a clever way. Jason has a quick guide.

And don’t listen to the voting local and on local issues naysayers. Nobody has the right to tell you for what reasons you are voting for but bear in mind that national politics and what parties do nationally has huge influence on local politics anyway. No money or crap money means local politics just stalls.

Fluffy Links – Wednesday June 3rd 2009

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

Mark chases ambulance people. Lots of money being thrown about by them.

New blog: Get Ahead’s blog.

Via – from every Samsung Tocca Sold In O2 stores during the month of June, €10 will be going to Irish Autism Action Charities in Your Area.

You can now catch up with Donal Dineen’s show on the TodayFM website.

The twitterfication of movies. Sky is falling. Help.

Mapumental. MySociety really are making the world better with data and tech.


Iran, youtube, politics.

via Tommy and Wired – Tattooing in Slow Motion:

Lemonheads – Into your arms

This is what viral is about, it cannot be orchestrated

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009

Via Metafilter:

This explains exactly how something can go viral. Not the video itself, the event it’s recording. Chance is a big thing. If an ad agency says they do viral videos and campaigns then they’re talking bollox. You can no more guarantee a video will go viral as you can getting your site first on Google in a competitive search area. You can facilitate making it easier to happen alright.

Watch this video as a lone drunk/on something else dancer is joined by two more people as more and more people just watch them. Suddenly within a few seconds there are dozens dancing with them. The surge of the crowd is almost like a riot.

Fluffy Links – Tuesday June 2nd 2009

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009

Screwing up in public is a-ok in a way.

Really taking the biscuit, MP claims for servants’ wing of house.

Another great post on how to write press releases by Adrian Weckler.

Nice candle. Bit pricey.

Good news for those that host online chat in Ireland. Perhaps.

Front cover of New Yorker made via iPhone painting app.

Via Kottke, nice representation of the ring roads around most giant cities in the world.

An alternative to Twitterfall for showing tweets on a screen.

Like Tennis?

Little Boots – New in Town:


Monday, June 1st, 2009

When this kiss is over it will start again.
It will not be any different, it will be exactly
The same.
Its hard to imagine that nothing at all
Could be so exciting, could be so much fun.

Heaven is a place where nothing every happens.
Heaven is a place where nothing every happens.

I first heard this a few weeks back at David Byrne’s concert in the National Concert Hall and then I heard it on the radio yesterday evening too. This song is decades old and it’s pretty interesting when you look at the lyrics. The wikipedia entry on it states:

It explores the idea of achievement and purpose by way of identifying heaven as the perfect victory over human goals, and, subsequently, by showing this heaven as a place where the perfectly best thing happens over and over at the exact same time in the exactly perfect way (“Oh, heaven, heaven is a place… a place where nothing ever happens”.) In this way, it mocks achievement as an absurd, or even futile, struggle.

It’s more than just music…

Does Labour’s Keith Martin love his Nazi imagery?

Saturday, May 30th, 2009

In between doing blog posts guides on how women can pole dance and discussing Donnie Cassidy’s hair, listing countries he’d like to invade, blogging pics of black kids, Labour’s Keith Martin likes to mention Hitler and the Nazi’s a lot on his Labour Party logoed blog.

Not sure you can argue this is a personal blog when:
There’s a fine pic of him and Labour Party leader Eamon Gilmore front and centre:
Keith Martin Eamon Gilmore

Each blog post is signed with his political credentials:
Councillor Keith Martin

Each blog post has the labour logo:
Labour logo Keith Martin

And it is listed as being part of the Labour Blogs network:
Labour Keith Martin showing logo

Some interesting posts with Nazi imagery:
His goodbye message to Michael McDowell:

“Goodbye Hitler”

Here’s Keith quoting Nazi phrases to talk about McDowell.
McDowell Nazi

Him suggesting Bertie Ahern was the same as Hitler:
Keith Martin calls Bertie Hitler

There’s also a video which has since disappeared where Fianna Fáil politicians are morphed into Hitler. How very becoming of a Labour politician to use that. Keith’s disappearing videos seem to be common enough. His one on the Green Party was removed.

He doesn’t like the Pope either. Pope Nazi he calls him

Keith Martin Pope Nazi

and has this to say:

Step one involves gays having to wear pink triangles and assemble in special camps for re-education.

Step two involves the Jews and Gypsys joining them in the camps “when we have made a bit of room”.

And this post on the Pope where he ends it with Heil.

Oh and another post about life after politics for Hitler.
Keith Martin and pic of Hitler

Good luck on June 5th Keith.

A fun week of events

Friday, May 29th, 2009

Three events this past week proved fun.

Socialist party social media press conference
First was the Socialist party social media press conference on Sunday. The first time a political party in Ireland did a conference for bloggers and interacted with them in the room, on uStream so there was streaming video tot he web and also taking questions via Twitter. Bit of the future right there methinks. Joe Higgins was a good host and his team of supporters did a great job making it all fall into place.

I + 1/4 of an N
Photo owned by juhansonin (cc)

Show and Tell with Sony Ericsson
This was on Tuesday night in the Odeon and muchos thanks to them for supplying the venue for free. Big big thanks to Sony Ericsson for sending along a very patient staffer and to Clarify, their PR people, for putting it together. Looks like we’ll have more Show and Tell events over the next while with the format slightly changed after feedback. Details on how other companies can take part in Show and Tell.

MeasurementCamp Dublin
Wow, didn’t it do well? 70 people turned up MeasurementCamp Dublin. Big big numbers. Loads of new faces. This is going to be a monthly event and maybe we can bring it to other places in Ireland besides Dublin. Enjoyed myself at this and well done Lauren for putting so much effort into it.

Now hand over your communion money or I’ll set Hannafin on you

Friday, May 29th, 2009

I want your communion money to pay the bankers

Peaches – “Talk to Me”

Friday, May 29th, 2009