Does Labour’s Keith Martin love his Nazi imagery?

In between doing blog posts guides on how women can pole dance and discussing Donnie Cassidy’s hair, listing countries he’d like to invade, blogging pics of black kids, Labour’s Keith Martin likes to mention Hitler and the Nazi’s a lot on his Labour Party logoed blog.

Not sure you can argue this is a personal blog when:
There’s a fine pic of him and Labour Party leader Eamon Gilmore front and centre:
Keith Martin Eamon Gilmore

Each blog post is signed with his political credentials:
Councillor Keith Martin

Each blog post has the labour logo:
Labour logo Keith Martin

And it is listed as being part of the Labour Blogs network:
Labour Keith Martin showing logo

Some interesting posts with Nazi imagery:
His goodbye message to Michael McDowell:

“Goodbye Hitler”

Here’s Keith quoting Nazi phrases to talk about McDowell.
McDowell Nazi

Him suggesting Bertie Ahern was the same as Hitler:
Keith Martin calls Bertie Hitler

There’s also a video which has since disappeared where Fianna Fáil politicians are morphed into Hitler. How very becoming of a Labour politician to use that. Keith’s disappearing videos seem to be common enough. His one on the Green Party was removed.

He doesn’t like the Pope either. Pope Nazi he calls him

Keith Martin Pope Nazi

and has this to say:

Step one involves gays having to wear pink triangles and assemble in special camps for re-education.

Step two involves the Jews and Gypsys joining them in the camps “when we have made a bit of room”.

And this post on the Pope where he ends it with Heil.

Oh and another post about life after politics for Hitler.
Keith Martin and pic of Hitler

Good luck on June 5th Keith.

8 Responses to “Does Labour’s Keith Martin love his Nazi imagery?”

  1. Fergal says:

    Not counting this post, there are three posts on this blog referencing Hitler and seven referencing Nazis by names, not to mention three different “Downfall” posts.

  2. Honorary membership on the way so.

  3. How dare he! Ratzinger isn’t a Nazi; he’s just a fascist!

    (I win, as I have a post of Declan Ganley and Hitler in the same pose, with the same background, saying much the same thing.)

  4. Tim says:

    a true National Socialist!

  5. Keith says:

    Once again – this is the other Labour Keith Martin, not me. Just for the record. 😉

  6. I’ve also toyed with Nazi Imagery:

    Highly disturbing stuff.

    What’s next from Mister Martin? LABOUR camps? Groan…

  7. Keith Martin says:

    This post says more about your state of mind than it does about mine!