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Doing more in less time

Tuesday, April 12th, 2005

Donncha points to an article about How to Get More Done in Less Time. This is very like the idea behind 43 Folders who base their ideas on the Getting Things Done book by David Allen. Some of the 43 Folders tips and ideas might not be relevant as the very techy stuff is tuned to Mac users but overall it’s an excellent resource for those that want to manage their work and life a bit better.

I’ve ordered the book, as has Dave O’Neill, mine is sitting on my desk ready to be read. But then there are 30 other books also waiting for me to give them attention too.

Open Source map of Ireland

Tuesday, April 12th, 2005

EirePreneur brings up the idea of creating an open source GPS map of Ireland:

“Why don’t we create a similar ‘open source’ GPS map of Ireland? If OSI aren’t going to play ball with GPS mapping companies then maybe we can re-route around them (pun intended) with a smart mob of volunteer mappers.”

Great idea, I’d like to help. Someone else can organise it and I’ll attend and do the walking around with a GPS device.

Talking about your company

Monday, April 11th, 2005

Ciaran talks about his former employer here. It’d be nice if more of this kind of frank commentary was seen in the Irish Blogosphere. Pity one can only do it after you’ve left the company though.

By the way Ciaran, I’m not stalking you I swear. Blame Planet of the Blogs.

fredrik odman photography

Monday, April 11th, 2005

fredrik odman photography

Booze Nation

Monday, April 11th, 2005

Ciaran’s Blog post about Ireland’s drinking culture. I must say it is quite embarassing working in a company that hires many non-nationals and being stuck for an answer when they ask “Besides the pub, what’s there to do here ?”

Ciaran linked to “Mark who is giving up booze for a year. My site has a few posts about my own challenge where I stayed off alcohol for 12 months as well as other “narcotics” as well as doing my best to stay off caffeine. 12 months off alcohol is dead easy. My first week off I ended up going to the beer festival with lots of muppets insisting I drink alcohol.

Here’s a better challenge: stay off bread and all flour based foods for 12 months and not starve ! Staying off alcohol is easy as it it not the main way to stay hydrated but the main ways to get food into yourself in this country seems to be via two slices of bread.

For my next challenge I think I’ll do something like train to run a marathon.

All Seven and they watch them fall…

Thursday, April 7th, 2005

Final scene of Seven reenacted using stuffed animals.

Wikipedia and Yahoo do a deal

Thursday, April 7th, 2005

Yahoo! is going to start using content from Wikipedia and wiki articles are going to start showing up in Yahoo!. Wikipedia was already hitting the big time. This is hitting the “even bigger time”.

From the WikiMedia Foundation website: “The Wikimedia Foundation ( and Yahoo! ( announced today that they have reached an agreement by which Yahoo will provide hosting capacity to Wikimedia. Yahoo will dedicate a significant number of servers in one of its Asian facilities for hosting Wikimedia’s free content websites. Jimmy Wales, CEO of the Wikimedia Foundation, says that this generous donation will be of particular benefit to the vibrant and growing community of Wikipedia users in that part of the world.

Yahoo!’s donation is a gesture of support for the charitable goals of the Wikimedia Foundation, and does not imply any ownership of the content. Yahoo! does not expect Wikimedia to host advertisements in return for this support.”

PlanetOfTheBlogs kicking IrishBlogs Ass

Thursday, April 7th, 2005

Planet of the Blogs is kicking the ass now of But I’m just being biased as I have yet to be listed on IrishBlogs. I mustn’t meet their secret criteria for being paddy or something.

Meanwhile I’m enjoying the personal views of many in the Irish bloggersphere. Should we start calling it the boggersphere or the eiresphere or some other nasty word ?

Lots of the blogs and journals are awash with comments from Gerry Adams yesterday and the upcoming general elections in the North and UK. This election will be enchanced by the Guardian site on the election and it’s aggregating of blogs that talk politics. The UK also has the excellent Channel 4 factchecker which could sorely be used here and there are also TheyWorkForYou and Public whip. We need something like that before Bertie and co go for re-election.

Fake and proud of it

Thursday, April 7th, 2005

Telling it how it is: New line of bags honestly telling you they’re fakes. Cheap too. Now if only we could have people have the same attitude about tagging themselves. Begin endless folksonomy discussion.

14 defining characteristics of Fascism using the Bush regime. Totally and utterly biased but I liked it.


Slugger on Broadband

Thursday, April 7th, 2005

Just posted another trademark long-winded reply, this time in response to a broadband commentary on Slugger O’Toole

NI is definitely becoming more attractive for Broadband and telecoms infrastructure. The comment from the DCMNR saying broadband is available everywhere is quite maddening. I’ll send in an FOI request asking for their definition of available. And once again [b]Satellite is not broadband[/b]. Write it out 50 times on the blackboard please.