Booze Nation

Ciaran’s Blog post about Ireland’s drinking culture. I must say it is quite embarassing working in a company that hires many non-nationals and being stuck for an answer when they ask “Besides the pub, what’s there to do here ?”

Ciaran linked to “Mark who is giving up booze for a year. My site has a few posts about my own challenge where I stayed off alcohol for 12 months as well as other “narcotics” as well as doing my best to stay off caffeine. 12 months off alcohol is dead easy. My first week off I ended up going to the beer festival with lots of muppets insisting I drink alcohol.

Here’s a better challenge: stay off bread and all flour based foods for 12 months and not starve ! Staying off alcohol is easy as it it not the main way to stay hydrated but the main ways to get food into yourself in this country seems to be via two slices of bread.

For my next challenge I think I’ll do something like train to run a marathon.

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