Wikipedia and Yahoo do a deal

Yahoo! is going to start using content from Wikipedia and wiki articles are going to start showing up in Yahoo!. Wikipedia was already hitting the big time. This is hitting the “even bigger time”.

From the WikiMedia Foundation website: “The Wikimedia Foundation ( and Yahoo! ( announced today that they have reached an agreement by which Yahoo will provide hosting capacity to Wikimedia. Yahoo will dedicate a significant number of servers in one of its Asian facilities for hosting Wikimedia’s free content websites. Jimmy Wales, CEO of the Wikimedia Foundation, says that this generous donation will be of particular benefit to the vibrant and growing community of Wikipedia users in that part of the world.

Yahoo!’s donation is a gesture of support for the charitable goals of the Wikimedia Foundation, and does not imply any ownership of the content. Yahoo! does not expect Wikimedia to host advertisements in return for this support.”

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