Tales from the BoggerSphere

Via Donncha via Eirepeneur

Two of the big blogging boys have picked up on my BoggerSphere neologism and Donncha has created a definition for it which I like: �Boggersphere – The totality of Oirish weblogs or Oirish blog-related webs.� Nice one Donncha and nice one to EirePreneur for picking it up. I’ll just wait for Dr. Cloud to create a button for “BoggerSphere” now I guess.

I don’t think this would have ever been picked up if it wasn’t for John Breslin’s Planet of the Blogs. I’ve noticed a change in the way I’m posting to my own blog too as a result. While I was already part of the great Internet Community, I’m now part of the Irish Blogging Community and thanks to PoTB we are getting a continuous feed of all our thoughts and ideas so I feel like I’m writing to the a real community now and not just a few friends that read the site now and then. Go community !

PoTB is already making more inroads than IrishBlogs because it is not exclusive but inclusive and John has the drive, energy and sense to solicit feedback and make changes as a result of comments from his audience. I think this is just the start of something bigger and this could be a really good way of Irish talent promoting and fostering additional Irish talent. Watch out for the next generation of journalists come into the spotlight on PoTB.

I haven’t joined the Irish Bloggers mailing list on Yahooo! but I may do soon enough.

Meanwhile I’ve created a new tagline for this blog – Tales from the BoggerSphere. I also think I’ll upgrade this site to WordPress or something like this and reopen comments and trackbacks. Right now I’m hammered hourly from trackback and comment spam and am not protected enough to open this blog up.

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