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A blog/feed reading list for Irish PR/Marketing people

Wednesday, August 20th, 2008

I know this is done by some PR folks in the UK, where they pre-populate Netvibes accounts with 20-30 feeds of blogs and sites about PR and Marketing so I wonder what would people recommend in an Irish context?

For Irish PR and Marketing people dipping their toes into reading blogs and feeds using a feedreader, what would be the 20 feeds you’d suggest that they read? Mixing it with local and international, business and fun?

Seth Godin would have to feature.

Locally and more onliney perhaps Piaras Kelly and Cybercom, Richard Hearne too, Paul Dervan and for a fresh and cranky (and so honest) take on the interpipes and all that, there’s Sabrina Dent.

From the UK check out Simon Collister, Drew B and Will McInnes.

He probably blogs too much but Jeremiah Owyang is full of social media/webby goodness.

Irish Business Blogger wise you can have:
Keith Bohanna
Pat Phelan
Murphy’s Ice Cream
Worldwide Cycles

A much longer list of Irish Business Bloggers.

Who would you recommend on a list of 20? Different lists for different industries? Even for businesses big or small I’d make it mandatory to have off-topic fun blogs in there too. Afterall we’re all meant to be a little more social these days and differing perspectives are important.

Fluffy Links – Wednesday 20th August 2008

Wednesday, August 20th, 2008

Back to school money saving tips.

Great photo from Katherine.

New blog: Thomas Geraghty
Stunned has the list of damaged art from IMMA. This is terrible.

Via Piaras, new academic blog from Stephen Kinsella.

I see Blacknight are diversifying.

Leaving Cert student? Have a look at Zulu Notes.

Google results without Google owned properties showing up.

Hysteria time as the Italians welcome the army to deal with gypsies.

Fire up the Bullit theme tune.

She broke the glass.

Reviews of iTunes Appstore apps.

Alexia already blogged about Fine Tuna and it gets my vote too. Another beautiful web app from SpoiltChild.

New blog. Haulbowline Opinon.

For Tommy: The pancake song (it’s a bit naff really)

Tut tut tut

Tuesday, August 19th, 2008

Around the corner from my house there’s a quaint little village going on with two pubs, a bank, a butchers, a coal merchants and a post office. There’s a busy road cutting through the middle of the village though. At the back of the Post Office is the Lavanagh Centre. A school for kids who are disabled. They do great work in that school/centre. Our little village has been made a little bit accessible for the high proportion of the students that have canes, crutches and electric wheelchairs and so all the steps have slopes to them etc and we have a pedestrian crossing.

And then we have these gobshites park across the pedestrian crossing, the only safe part of the little village of Ballintemple where people can cross to the bank, butcher, pub and bus stop.

Money before accessibility

Many of the patrons of the Lavanagh centre get the bus into the City Centre and the only safe way to do that is via the pedestrian crossing these morons blocked. You can’t see it in the pic but the van is parked on to the sideroad too so someone has to step or drive on to the sideroad, drive around the front of the van and blindly walk or drive on to the main Blackrock Road and then move about six feet and then go straight across to get to the ramp at the other side.

But then these mutts wear uniforms and think they’re rent-a-cops so that’s more important, right?

National Chugger Terror Day

Tuesday, August 19th, 2008

We could have one I suppose. It happens less in Cork but holy fuck they’re everywhere in Dublin. I’ve noticed now that the slimey fuckers are doing the handshake thing to stop you. Clever trick. Mostly used by those African ladies in Gran Canaria to get hold of your hand so they can clamp a “friendship” bracelet on to your wrist and then demand a few quid off you for accepting their bracelet.

I mostly am polite and say “No thank you” but some of them are kind of aggressive. The chuggers I mean. I wonder what could be done to teach these people some manners?

So, how do you wreck a chugger’s day?

  • Give them time and not abuse?
  • Keep them talking for as long as possible so they don’t bother anyone else? Give them the wrong bank details?
  • Have multiple people over the day give them the same bank details so the bank will get iffy with them?
  • Follow them home and wait til they come out of their home and then get all pushy and aggressive with them trying to get their bank details? (In Michael Moore’s TV Nation show he started ringing the home number of the owner of a telesales company trying to tell him about the TV Nation show and he also set 10 car alarms off at 6am outside the house of a car alarm company CEO)

houston zoo
Photo owned by sirtrentalot (cc)

Two Fat Blokes and a Micra

Tuesday, August 19th, 2008

Darren Kenna and Darragh Collins, are going on a tour of Ireland around the 32 counties in aid of the Irish Cancer Society and the Irish Hospice Foundation.


This trip will involve us visting all 33 county towns(2 in Tipperary) and stopping to have a photograph taken at the town’s most famous monument/building.

This epic journey will take us 2 1/2 days, starting on Wednesday 27th of August from Naas, at 7am, and returning to Dublin on the 29th at approx 12pm, so do come out and try to support us in your local towns.

For further information on routes and times please see:

Facebook group. Bebo Page.

We will be updating these with pictures and updates as we are on the road.

The Odyssey is a journey of 1300miles, and for comic value we are travelling in a 1994 3 door Nissan Micra, the picture says it all!!

All costs for this expedition are being paid for by ourselves, so any contributions made will all go to charity. We are hoping to raise €1200, and split it between the charities, so any sponsorship at all would be much apprecited.

Super Micra Bonus Party

Well done to the lads and a great idea. I hope they get a good bit of attention and raise more than their target. I have a lot of time for hopices in this country. I’ll get you a few pints if I’m around Cork too on those dates (see below). So, I wonder will any companies sponsor them? Loads of different opportunities there.

Naas: 07:00
Carlow: 07:50-08:05
Kilkenny: 08:40-08:55
Portlaoise: 09:45:10:00
Nenagh: 11:10-11:25
Tullamore: 12:35-12:50
Mullingar: 13:25-13:40
Navan: 14:25-14:40
Dundalk: 15:25-15:40
Monaghan: 16:30-16:45
Armagh: 17:10-17:25
Downpatrick: 18:50-19:05
Antrim: 20:10-20:25
Derry: 21:50-22:05
Lifford: 22:30-bed

Omagh: 07:00
Enniskillen: 07:40-07:55
Cavan: 08:45-09:00
Longford: 09:55-10:10
Roscommon: 10:40-10:55
Carrick-on-Shannon: 11:45-12:00
Sligo: 12:50-13:05
Castlebar: 14:25-14:40
Galway: 15:55-16:10
Ennis: 17:20-17:35
Limerick: 18:15-18:30
Tralee: 20:05-20:20
Cork: 22:10-bed

Clonmel: 07:30
Waterford: 08:20-08:35
Wexford: 09:35-09:50
Wicklow: 11:20-11:35
Dublin: 12:35-PARTY!!!

Fluffy Links – Tuesday August 19th 2008

Tuesday, August 19th, 2008

Why I call Web Awards sponsors “Angel Sponsors“. None of the sponsors sit back and watch, they take an active roll in the Awards and muck in both in terms of promoting it and also in organising it. 16 sponsorship slots left.

Noel thinks Jed Bartlett Bill Richardson might be Obama’s Veep. Five time Nobel Prize nominee!

Ultimate list of Web events in Ireland.

The Crystal for the National Irish Food Awards looks nice.

New blog, site. Paddy Brown.

Rick O’Shea porn. Holy cow.

Amazing photo of the Guinness Storehouse Gravity Bar.

Want some Sugar Daddy? Fringlish.

Great idea. Y-Combinator is open sourcing angel funding legal docs. Could this be done in Ireland? People contribute money to a kitty that gets standard NDAs for Ireland done, standard angel funding legal docs etc?

Simon riffs on the Berocca Blogger reachout campaign thingy and what could have been improved.

Forrester are now doing Social Media Awards.

Another great interview with David Simon from The Wire.

Via You Ain’t No Picasso

Jamie Lidell: “Hurricane”

Staying on weather, tornado versus a bus in Poland.

Brian McFadden: 4 males and one not male in Westlife

Monday, August 18th, 2008

‘Saying pink is a form of red is the same as saying homosexual is a form of male.’

As said by Brian McFadden.

He made a lot of money from females and not males through the years. He worked with more than one for a while too. Nice bloke that Brian. The fat talentless cunt. on Dragon’s Den

Monday, August 18th, 2008

Blogger’s fav are on the Dragon’s Den tonight. The very best of luck to them. Great to see Irish talent on the show. I may even break out the telly from the attic and plug in the skybox and watch it.

Here’s a Dragon. Well it could be a cow too:

The Rt Hon. Margaret (Baroness) Thatcher LG, OM, FRS, PC
Photo owned by SouthbankSteve (cc)

O2 Experience Stores in Ireland – Even more bad behaviour

Monday, August 18th, 2008

John has a very long rant about his bad experiences with O2 Experience Stores and their staff. Just a quick piece from the rant:

they did tell me to try the most difficult number in Ireland to get through on the O2 experience store on Grafton Street.

After an hour and a half of the phone either being engaged, sounding like it does not exist and occasionally ringing off I got through, only for the phone to be put on the counter and left there for 8 minutes, without a hello or any sort of chat. I was able to hear the staff talk between themselves talk to the occasional customer, but not one word was uttered to me!

After as I said 8 minutes of me saying hello, hello, hello I gave up and hung up the phone only to retry and hear the engaged tone

Previous my issues with O2 in Patrick Street and Alexia’s experiences.

I really hope PR isn’t dead as companies will die too

Monday, August 18th, 2008

PR agencies are needed. PR people are needed. There I said it. I know. * shock *

I’m one of many that participate in the sport of PR people bashing. But then I bash politicians, dull gits, businesses, SEO folks and everything. There are many faults with some PR people who got into the job for whatever reason and don’t want to do the hard graft and also don’t want to tell a client they’re being stupid and to cop the feck on. Instead they’ll fling out press releases to anyone and everyone (I got one about a fridge last week!) even when the release is not newsworthy but the client dictated word should be spread. Good PR people are not part of the story if they’re good. Bad PR people turn into a story.

Now we see loads of mostly tech bloggers and blogs saying PR is dead, dying or not needed.

PR people and companies are needed in my view to be the filters and the polishers of rough communications, to find something interesting in the pile of bland a company offers up, to teach companies how to make their lips move and tell their story in a meaningful way. That’s just one aspect of PR.

Mr. Graves likes his new wallpaper.
Photo owned by Hryckowian (cc)

Having a tech blogger find out about your product and talk it up without you the tech company doing any work whatsoever is not how it works even if you build a great product. Newsflash. Geniuses are plentiful. Great products are plentiful. Throw a stone in Silicon Valley and you’ll find a great product. Scoble’s post where he found a great company is that company winning the lottery. Same odds I should think. Scoble is a natural force, he’s a hurricane of wonder and evangelism. For every great product Scoble finds there are dozens he won’t find or maybe 100s. And there are not a lot of Scobles in the world.

A good PR person sends information to a journalist or blogger they know, knowing that what they send is valuable and knowing the journalist will be happy with the information. Spray and pray never comes into it.

A good PR person takes what their client is mumbling and not communicating and turns it into something that’s polished enough for the general public to understand and that PR person has said client communicate it via networking or doing it for them in terms of press releases.

A good PR person also makes their client realise what they need to change about their product, service and the way they communicate it to the public.

Remember we’re now in information deluge time. More information from everyone going to everyone. Journalists are swamped and have less time for a story these days too. Even Mike Arrington from TechCrunch talks about 23,000 unread emails in his mailbox. That’s a lot of companies trying to get found that don’t get found in Arrington’s mailbox. We’re not all one degree apart from Scoble so a friend can introduce him to your beta.

PR is hard, it’s soul sapping. Despite me saying I don’t do PR for people, I did four press releases in the past week and it’s draining writing something good and interesting even when you have great material to work with. Imagine doing this day in and day out? No thanks. It also takes time and effort for those not used to it.

Photo owned by Misserion (cc)

I think there’s a bigger opportunity then ever for PR people as it becomes cheaper to build businesses and cheaper for people to distribute information online. Who’ll be there to direct the information and show how to direct it? Of course companies need to realise they need to do PR (and have good sales skills) but that’s another whiney post to come.

Tom probably thinks I’m a muppet since I too am an outsider looking in and so I don’t understand his industry and have used the term PR instead of the term media relations. So is it a PR or marketing issue that people are calling this PR? 🙂

Read what Kerry has to say too.