Brian McFadden: 4 males and one not male in Westlife

‘Saying pink is a form of red is the same as saying homosexual is a form of male.’

As said by Brian McFadden.

He made a lot of money from females and not males through the years. He worked with more than one for a while too. Nice bloke that Brian. The fat talentless cunt.

22 Responses to “Brian McFadden: 4 males and one not male in Westlife”

  1. Daragh says:

    What an asshole. He and Iris Robinson shoud get on quite well, they should should be put on a deserted Island somewhere and left there 🙂

  2. Phil says:

    Too many celebs should be seen and not heard.
    Better still, not even seen!

  3. Fireglo says:

    here, here.

    Has he formally apologised yet? What a tool!

  4. Boy band members are often a bit dim; news at 11.

  5. It’s in the Sun, they’re anti-him cos they’re pro-Kerry Katona… see the Delta Goodrem comment at the end.

    He could join the KKK and I’d still take his side* here cos she’s the f*cking alternative.

    *this is an exaggeration

  6. Paul McClean says:

    Ah come on now… this is The Sun. It’s only a pretend newspaper.

  7. Damien says:

    Go to Google news, the Sun just stole it from papers down under

  8. Oh I don’t know, they are not the only ones. just google the story and you’ll see it comes up on plenty of non tabloid media and entertainment sites.

    What a complete loser he is. No wonder he has such trouble writing decent songs if this is the way he thinks about life.

  9. Nina says:

    what a shame … he is talking about homosexual in this way in the case that his vary close friend (Mark Feehily) is a gayguy …!
    I think it’s wrong to talk about gays in this way!!

  10. I think you should call him a retard.

  11. Rax Lakhani says:

    Ha! Damien – your last four words say it all!

  12. Laura says:

    and Brian McFadden would know what about being a man???

  13. Rahood says:

    He shoots He scores.Well played.
    Every article about his ‘pink’ comment also goes on to mention that he is the host of a new reality show. Every article apart from the snip in the Sun that is because as we all know they have their own agenda to sell.

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  15. Vince says:

    This is not the first time the toad was involved in a homophobic rant.

    He appeared on RTE’s anonymous show, where he was made up to be a ‘Gay Man’ for a day. Stereotypical homo-bashing ensues.

    The show is on Youtube in three parts

  16. NiallOK says:

    Would it have been alright if he’d said “masculine” instead of “male”?

    Seems like one of these to me, to be honest. It’s only Brian McFadden – who gives a shite what he thinks?

  17. Brian says:

    Seems like the online readers of the Daily Telegraph are slightly in favour of pink…

    Poll Results
    Thanks for voting, here are the results so far:

    Can straight men wear pink proudly?
    Yes 63% (926 votes)
    No 36% (543 votes)
    Total votes: 1469

    Now if only the poll was about Brian being a tool they might have got something more decisive.

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  19. karl deeter says:

    pink is made up of red and white, whereas male is not inherently made of straight or gay, so it’s actually not a relevant comparison.

    every time i read something like this my eyes burn and i’m convinced it knocks 10 points off my IQ

    there must be a socially responsible sniper out there? if so get to work