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Fluffy Links – Monday August 25th 2008

Monday, August 25th, 2008

New site: I’m Not a Racist But. I wonder where it points to?

Cork ExpressionEngine Meetup. Counihans bar, Cork Wednesday 27th August

Don’t forget the Digital Island Cork meetup the following evening.

Frank talks about Blood and Bandage a new theatre fest for Cork from September to October.

Wolf Parade, November 29th in Andrew’s Lane Theatre.

Fluffy, Pinky, Red, Clucky links, now we have Chibi Links.

Eh? Via Value Ireland

It’s against data protection regulations to let consumers know that they are potentially at risk of having money stolen from them. It’s against data protection regulations to give consumers the information that they would need in order to allow them protect themselves against being ripped off by credit card skimmers.

Meanwhile Bank of Ireland will not release the report the Data Protection Commissioner did on their laptop thefts.

Michele asks is the Irish Internet prudish? Well the Irish Domain Registry are. Banned from being registered, for example.

Irish Rail. Not always cunty.

Downing Street has a little fun and the Tories moan over it. Check out the YouTube video:

Hack your body

Sunday, August 24th, 2008

Irish Companies on Twitter

Saturday, August 23rd, 2008

I’ve already mentioned Recruit Ireland being on Twitter. Twitter account here. But there are more too:

For example:
Muzu TV is on Twitter and having fun.
Conduit Ireland are there.
Vodafone Ireland – not sure is this an official or unofficial or faux account.
Setanta Sports.

Any more out there?

Update: Yes there are –
Poetry Ireland
Bubble Brothers and here.
iQ Content
Litriocht – online book shop
Herb Street Restaurant
Electric Picnic
Irish Music TV

El Alma del Ebro
Photo owned by Paulo Brandão (cc)

They’re starting to get it!

Friday, August 22nd, 2008

Yesterday we had eircom set up a YouTube channel and show off a vid and now we see that the Sunday World have their own video channel and a vid:

Fun times!

Fluffy Links – Friday 22nd August 2008

Friday, August 22nd, 2008

Moviestar Irish Web Awards – Nominations open to all now. Nominate all your favourite websites. Even the very modest ones who didn’t nominate themselves.

New blog: An Cathach.

New blog: Sharona. My my.

Dear Kevin Myers, Dick O’Brien just gave you a can of shut the fup.

Those two lads still need sponsorship for their charity drive.

Top Ten Fan Pages on Facebook.

A pill to feel autistic?

Phil’s done some nice rain themed photos of late, like this.

Cathal points out Comreg spectrum oddness.

Hah, the iPosture. The nagathon.

Ahh crazy signs!

Via Keith, EA and Tiger Woods respond in a fun way to a fan vid about a bug in their gold game:

New funky lighting at the new eircom HQ

Thursday, August 21st, 2008

via eircom is a time lapse vid of the LED lighting in their new HQ which opens in September. Wouldn’t it be nice to do a photowalk of that at night? Better still imagine if they ran a competition inviting people to programme the sequencing of the lights? Keep watching as the lighting changes become more swish:

TechLudd comes to Cork (at last) Thursday 28th August

Thursday, August 21st, 2008

Anton just confirmed that TechLudd is going to be at the Cork Airport International Hotel on Thu evening August 28th.

People from Cork, Waterford, Kerry and Limerick should consider coming along to this. Companies can also demo their products. Come along, g’wan.

Online Marketing – The Art of being Subtle

Thursday, August 21st, 2008

When you start your car in the morning you know from the sound in the first few seconds whether there’s something wrong with it or not. When you’re driving it you can tell if something is wrong with a tyre by the feel from the car as it moves. These things are probably too subtle for someone that doesn’t drive your car. They’ll know the ways of their own car, not yours.

It’s being able to feel those subtle things that separates the amateur from the experienced person and it’s subtley that’s needed when you’re trying to market to people online, on social networks and everywhere else where the flocks are a a-flocking to these days. It comes as no surprise that the Web 2.0 consultants of last year, who previous to this were probably mobile web consultants and wap consultants are now telling companies how to market to the Facebook generation without getting the feel of them. They’re now rebranding themselves as social media consultants by the way though they’re fecked if they can actually explain it without using buzzwords.

Face your friends with beautifully clear skin
Photo owned by Uh … Bob (cc)

Chris Brogan is a great “brand”, he writes some great stuff but his latest blog post has led me to unsubscribe from him. In it he gives nine ways to promote your blog posts. 9 ways of pissing off people to varying degrees. Oldschool marketing at its very worst. Quantity not quality. Engagement does not mean harassing. It’s online chugging.

Automated Twitter posts when you create a new blog post, FriendFeed silo crapola, LinkedIn status changes advertising a new blog post etc. The one that’s truly insidious is where he says leave “constructive comments” on blog posts that are relevant to your own post and change your website address to be the one of your blog post.

find a recent blog post that has related information. (Now, this is different than what you MIGHT normally do, so pay attention). In the URL part of the sign-up form, put the link to your post, not your blog in general.

A slightly better version of what this joker has been trying. Most blogging platforms don’t have a field for “Blog Post you wish to pimp to readers of this blog” but they do have Website Address, how utterly rude and ignorant to use it to pimp a blog post.

It’s like this. If you have to go and track down blog posts that fit into the same bracket as your latest blog post then you shouldn’t be commenting on those posts should you? If you don’t happen across them or are already subbed to these blogs then you’re just a manual version of the blog spam robots out there. You leave comments on blogs to add to the conversation, not hijack it.

He also suggests “Stumbling” your own posts on Stumbleupon but points out this is rude so go off and stumble a few non-you blog posts and sites and then Stumble your own. Totally against the open philosophy of Stumbleupon and other services. Why not just say “in a conversation about yadda, only whore your business once in every ten sentences”. Sneaky social selling.

This advice is on a par with people that sell links from their blogs or write sham reviews for pay per post or linkbait 15 other bloggers in a post to get adulation or rewrite someone else’s work and tart it up as an ebook which you’ll only receive once you sign up to their newsletter. Big massive, super, extra bonus FAIL.

Cpatain Fail
Photo owned by pinguino (cc)

These gobshites that are all about quantity.

There’s far too many snakeoil salespeople acting as social media consultants that haven’t one iota of how people interact online because they don’t do it themselves. What they do instead is come online, blog themselves up, leave comments going back to blog posts they’re written, tie their blog posts into Twitter and spam people they’ve added there, do the same on Facebook. They don’t interact or engage.

Online marketing does not = Finding New Online Gathering Places + Old Skool Marketing to them
There is no real interaction, there is no hanging around and experiencing the flow of a system. It’s the person that goes “Hi how are you? Great, now let’s talk about hamburgers, do you like hamburgers, well let me show you a new way of cooking them.” You’re a mark to them, you’re a target, you’re a mole that needs to be whacked over the head. They don’t care how you are, the question is just an in to your attention.

Rules and Balance
Then comes a backlash from this bad marketing and businesses think you can’t talk yourself up in these new spaces or self-promote. You can. But there’s a balance or rather an imbalance. People in these spaces act differently. Like every local bar has its own ways and etiquetteso do onlin audiences and like bar to bar it varies from online space to online space. People don’t mind you automating your blog posts in Twitter (well most don’t) once your account is not all about the blog posts and nothing else. You need a mixture. More interactions and less automations but you can have both. Even without automations, letting us know about every blog post you wrote isn’t very nice is it? If your blog is good, we’d be subbed already right?

Recently a company with a blog spammed bloggers via email about something that really was not relevant. The reaction was “but we’re bloggers too” and it wasn’t arrogance it was ignorance. Never was it thought “if we were good bloggers we wouldn’t need to send this by email, we’ve have stuck it on the blog which is well read (since we’re good bloggers) and it would have been picked up and redistributed from there.” While it can be good for discipline, boxes to tick can ruin the fun. Twitter check. Followers check. Arsekissing comments to build rapport and get followers back, check. Spammed followers about eBusiness newsletter, check.

It may seem like more work to start with but if you want to market online in 2008 either spend the time to learn the subtleties or hire crowds that do. Maybe ask those social media folks for links to their Facebook, Twitter, Blog etc and see how they’re using them.

Mulley’s Google Rapid submission tool

Thursday, August 21st, 2008

Big massive argy bargy on the e-business mailing list of late with the moderators shutting down discussion in the end. All around the new offering from Omniserve which offers a very cheap way (and I consider it good value for money) for a business to get a website designed and up online quite quickly and designed well for search engine indexing. So far so good.

Well. Apart from the claim that they have a rapid submission tool that will get you indexed by Google within minutes. Now that’s subtle. Well. It’s marketing. Old style. Read the smallprint. It’s not in the live Google index. Nor the results, it means Google will check out your website quickly.

Today Eoin Costello explained how this rapid submission tool works… he links to you from the company blog. Yes, it’s a blog link. Again for those down the back. This Rapid Submission Tool is a link from a blog. Google visits his blog every few minutes, it follows links he creates. Bam, your site is indexed but not in the index.

Isn’t Fluffy links from this blog doing the same thing? Google visits this site every few minutes too. Want to be indexed by Google within minutes? Sign up for the Fluffylinkulator now!

People were well entitled to query what this “tool” was about and whether this “technology” was credible but people on the eBusiness list got the bullshit answer (not from Eoin mind) that you see the Government make “talking Ireland down” when people give out about jobs, the housing market, broadband and everything else. It now appears that questioning means you are talking things down.

QVALDA Motofestival 2008
Photo owned by soosalu (cc)

Check out the Mulley Fluffy Google Rapid Submission Tool, mornings from 5-6am, only on your station, Mulley dot net

Fluffy Links – Thursday 21st August 2008

Thursday, August 21st, 2008

Paul Daniels? Paul effing Daniels? A crush on Paul effing Daniels!

Chris did his own Tuesday push, for Gamesenders. No reason why people can’t push services they like without adhering to the every second Tuesday idea.

Kenny Egan Facebook fan page.
Mary O’Rourke thinks she works like a..

New blog from Colin Cooney.

Guy in a wheelchair blogs businesses he can’t get access to. Mashup with Google maps and set it in Dublin, Cork et al? Chances are that a few of the subscribers to this blog will end up in a chair or will have some kind of mobility issues, my own chances with MS mean it could very well be me. Let’s be selfish and only consider this for ourselves, yeah?

And with that in mind:
Dublin are doing this:

In Dublin, citizens are being asked to participate in the city’s accessibility audit, aimed at identifying areas where access may be difficult for handicapped or disabled persons. Using the ICiING platform, citizens can take photos of problem spots with their mobile phones and send them in to the city authorities with a comment.

David Beckham, the musical. ka reist.

From the Mozilla folks, Ubiquity, a kind of command line for the web thingymajig.

Tom Nixon blogs about his agency’s work with the sex industry and why they voted to work with them and then a good bit later democratically voted not to work with them. Very open and honest. Refreshing.

Via Piaras – Maser at work: