O2 Experience Stores in Ireland – Even more bad behaviour

John has a very long rant about his bad experiences with O2 Experience Stores and their staff. Just a quick piece from the rant:

they did tell me to try the most difficult number in Ireland to get through on the O2 experience store on Grafton Street.

After an hour and a half of the phone either being engaged, sounding like it does not exist and occasionally ringing off I got through, only for the phone to be put on the counter and left there for 8 minutes, without a hello or any sort of chat. I was able to hear the staff talk between themselves talk to the occasional customer, but not one word was uttered to me!

After as I said 8 minutes of me saying hello, hello, hello I gave up and hung up the phone only to retry and hear the engaged tone

Previous my issues with O2 in Patrick Street and Alexia’s experiences.

4 Responses to “O2 Experience Stores in Ireland – Even more bad behaviour”

  1. Daragh says:

    Another thing about some O2 Experience stores is that they won’t allow you to see a demo model of a many phones. Included in this is the Henry Street Store. This is despite the fact the they are called O2 Experience because you can supposedly “experience” the phones.

  2. Liam says:

    Has it occurred to anyone that O2 shop/corporate staff are bagging any available iPhones for friends and relatives? Or does that make me too cynical…?

    A guy in the one in Swords was telling me that unless you where on a waiting list from a few months back you wouldnt be able to get on any current waiting list! He was actually laughing about it, in his own words: “you have to be on the list to get on the list”

    WTF can you say back to that?

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  4. Sarah says:

    Guys the people working in the shop are the easy scapegoat. I know several people working there and they were not allowed buy iphones on priority.
    Also these guys are dealing with a supposedly ‘best employer’ that is regularly using sneaky strategies to get rid of the sales representatives who might be putting the interest of custumers before those of O2.