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Of hopes and dopes

Monday, January 19th, 2009

I want this as a poster, as a t-shirt and as an election manifesto:

Hopes and Dopes
Click on the image to get the full sized image or go here.

Labour politician playing runaway knock in Meath

Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

Labour politician Mick McLoughlin has been brazingly playing runaway knock at the Garda Station in his locality. If you vote for Beverly Cooper Flynn, the cow, then you have to vote for someone with a website called Mcloughlin4Dunshaughlin. Genius.

You can just feel the “Bring it on Garda mofos” attitude as he Mick presses the bell. Check out that pose:
Bring it Garda bitches

And does he leg it far? No he does not! Here he is down the street, not even running that far. Bring it!
Bring it MORE!

and if it wasn’t bad playing mindgames with the cop shop, he’s doing the same with the County Council. Not that they’d answer it. Not their job according to their union rep:
Come on County Council, bring it!!!

This was 2004

Thursday, January 1st, 2009

And who do we have that can get the crowds going like that? Or is getting the elecorate energised below Irish political parties? When is the last time a YouTube video of a politician here got sent around from someone outside of the party?

Politician Declan Ganley more popular than Bertie says Google

Wednesday, December 10th, 2008

The 2008 Google Zeitgeist for Ireland was just press released. A link to Google Ireland would do no harm PR people! I love that Google has said Declan Ganley is a politician. More proof that Ganley is a secret CIA agent cos we all know Google is owned by the CIA. Right? The treehuggers over in Fundymedia will be all over this post in nanoseconds. Once they finish their lentil tea. And get their dole.

Most Popular Ireland
You tube

Fastest Rising Ireland
google maps
Nasza klasa
Irish Times
Yahoo mail

And this one I love:

Politicians (Most Popular – Ireland)
Nicolas Sarkozy
George Bush
Mary Harney
Brian Cowen
Declan Ganley
Bertie Ahern
Barack Obama
John McCain
Hilary Clinton
Sarah Palin

Colonel Klink joins Enda’s Heroes – Gun pics to follow?

Tuesday, December 9th, 2008

So Fine Gael have a new Deputy Communications Officer.

Former Defence Forces Press Officer, Commandant Feargal Purcell, has today (Monday) taken up the position of Deputy Director of Communications with Fine Gael.

Just wondering, was it on his watch that Wee Willie had his gangsta pic taken? Will Enda be next for the street style photos?

Wee Willie and his big gun

Gilmore for Taoiseach, Bertie for President and Paisley for Pope

Thursday, December 4th, 2008

The Obama kool aid is in effect in Labour too. How many times did Gilmore say change?

Anything less than Gilmore becoming Taoiseach (what are the Paddy Power odds?) will make their recent conference look like a complete farce. Check out all the Gilmore for Taoiseach Posters:

Gilmore for Taoiseach, stupidity for currency

One further comment, how many people under 30 years of age are up on that stage? New Labour, old bones:
New Labour, old bodies

Oh and: Cringe. (Isn’t that the tune to Oh Christmas Tree?)

Green Party – Caption contest

Thursday, December 4th, 2008

Fun with the Green Party Flickr Stream.

Trevor Sargent in Ethiopia and still pedantic – “Only one R in Organic actually” (Original):
Trev in Ethiopia

Oh look and there’s Super Gorm and Ming the Merciless. (Original):
Super Gorm Agus Ming

Super Gorm and his no no no, not going to make any super phallus jokes. (Original):
Super Gorm agus ... well

It’s no longer Super sandal weather, it’s Super hatty weather! Weeeeeeee. (Original):
Super Gorm agus super hatty

Go Adam Douglas!

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008

19, from Fermoy and running for local elections with the Greens. Already in the press. Anyone younger running in the locals?

Adam Douglas

It’s good to see young people going into real politics and not the make believe world of the Youth Wings of these parties. I really do wish him the best of luck and I hope him and a good many more younger people get seats. I wonder is this one of the answers to Fergal’s post? No page yet on the Green Party site for him but at least he can use the Internet!

Well done Leo Varadkar

Thursday, November 27th, 2008

Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t it Leo Varadkar who brought all this Fás stuff to light in the Dáil last year? And tonight we hear about Harney’s Haircut and before we learn of it, it seems Leo knew, based on his statement here:

Fine Gael Enterprise Spokesman Leo Varadkar TD has questioned whether any Government Ministers benefited from FÁS largesse by having gifts or services bought for them at taxpayers’ expense

The Fine Gael machine needs to capitalise on this more. More of this kind of thing and they’ll bring down the whole house of brown envelopes around Fianna Fáil and the Greens. Enda being boring and saying he’ll be Taoiseach won’t work. Learn some fake humility. I really do wonder at times about the Greens though. It seems once they get Fianna Fáil to use recycled brown envelopes they won’t act as their conscience.

Given Markham and Suzy noted FG need to concentrate not on haircuts but abuses of power, I should have pointed out that when I meant “more of this” it was in terms of blowing the lid off all these abuses in the public sector, not ignoring the millions squandered to concentrate on a haircut.

Naaran Zodiac Leo word
Photo owned by zeevveez (cc)

Mark Shields to talk at DCU

Monday, November 17th, 2008

Mark Shields

Mark Shields an American political columnist and pundit who appears frequently on CNN and PBS’s NewsHour with Jim Lehrer as a commentator. Shields also ran Robert Kennedy’s California campaign for president in 1968. He’s talking in DCU on Wednesday of this week – reg here to go and talking at NUI Galway on Thu.