Green Party – Caption contest

Fun with the Green Party Flickr Stream.

Trevor Sargent in Ethiopia and still pedantic – “Only one R in Organic actually” (Original):
Trev in Ethiopia

Oh look and there’s Super Gorm and Ming the Merciless. (Original):
Super Gorm Agus Ming

Super Gorm and his no no no, not going to make any super phallus jokes. (Original):
Super Gorm agus ... well

It’s no longer Super sandal weather, it’s Super hatty weather! Weeeeeeee. (Original):
Super Gorm agus super hatty

4 Responses to “Green Party – Caption contest”

  1. Remind to ask the Green Party why they are using Flickr to store their photos and not supporting Irish companies… Grrr

  2. Damian says:

    You can ask me directly – I looked at quite a few different options before settling on flickr (in February last year). wasn’t really on my radar.

    When we’re reassessing our requirements we will certainly consider It looks like a really nice and intuitive site. A bulk exporter API might be a useful tool for such a purpose.

  3. Thanks for the response Damian. I’ll gladly email you as requested and explain how you can move from Flickr to Pixie should you decide to do so.