Colonel Klink joins Enda’s Heroes – Gun pics to follow?

So Fine Gael have a new Deputy Communications Officer.

Former Defence Forces Press Officer, Commandant Feargal Purcell, has today (Monday) taken up the position of Deputy Director of Communications with Fine Gael.

Just wondering, was it on his watch that Wee Willie had his gangsta pic taken? Will Enda be next for the street style photos?

Wee Willie and his big gun

4 Responses to “Colonel Klink joins Enda’s Heroes – Gun pics to follow?”

  1. conandrumm says:

    That was for Willie’s electorate, and has to be the most inapproprite ‘photo-opportunity’ ever given by an Irish politician.

  2. J.H.Gibson says:

    Re the pic. of The Terminator Willie, you must remember where his constituency is and those who voted for him. That pic would be mild enough for a first communion card in Limerick. And it may also remind Luckless Cowen to watch his back, and his front and both of his sides….

  3. JH Gibson — I live in Limerick, as do most of my friends and family, and I’m not sure I understand your comment about the Communion card. Were you suggesting that we are all violent people, because certain scumbags are allowed to get away with murder?

    A man was shot dead in the East Wall yesterday by a fifteen-year-old. Do you have any generalisations to offer about Dublin?

  4. Aidan says:

    Gangsta Enda pic, would be worth waiting for.