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A few questions for the guy/gal that wants to make love to a mac

Tuesday, January 17th, 2006

Dear Sir/Madam/Computer Accessory,

You visited my site after searching for “How to fuck a mac”. I’m just wondering what type you mean?

      A computer?
      A raincoat?
      A BigMac?

Thank you for any help you can provide to me so I can make your searching experience more valuable.

Google stopped being a search company a long time ago

Tuesday, January 17th, 2006

Google buys leading radio advertising company.

Google is an ad company first and foremost these days.

Blog Awards – Additional Details

Tuesday, January 17th, 2006

Made a few posts on the Irish Blog Awards site.

Nominations close on January 23rd.

I’m trying to find out which is a better night for people – Saturday February 25th or Saturday March 4th and I also need to find out numbers so I can tell the venue people. I know that John is away in February and Gavin is too I think and it would be a pity to miss out on them coming along but I think these are the two nearest dates and at the same time I don’t want to delay the event any longer.

I’m also looking for some people to help out with projectors and sound equipment and the like.

New York in November

Monday, January 16th, 2006

So I’ve volunteered to go with my family to New York in November. So dear readers, please suggest cheap but comfortable places to stay in the Metropolis. There are 5 adults and one 13 year old going.

Please also recommend some good places to visit. By places I mean places for weird food and crazy bars. While the family shops myself and a cousin will be going a bit crazy, I hope.

Blog Award Nominations and Judging

Monday, January 16th, 2006

There’s been about 100 nominations so far and the nominations are slowing down to a trickle now so I think I’ll let them run until next Monday morning and then shut nominations and then start creating the nominations list for each category. When that’s done we can go to the next phase which is a public vote to eliminate blogs from certain categories so a short list is created which can then be passed on to the judges.

On the subject of judges, it is becoming quite apparent that 3-4 judges who would judge all categories is not going to work out as the judges are themselves nominated in many categories. To remedy this I’m going to create a pool of judges and once nominations close for the awards, which I think will be next week, I’ll be able to assign judges to various categories. So now I must fire off a few emails asking people would they like to be judges. Quick, check your email! I’ll list who will the judges are once the short lists are nailed down.

Still no news on a date or venue.

This cold/virus thing going around

Sunday, January 15th, 2006

Anyone else experience this motherfucker of a virus? It started on New Year’s day and I still have it. Chest infection and cold thing and a really nasty and annoying cough. Out sick from work most of last week and have no energy to do anything. It took me about 2 hours to answer that meme from Suzy. Antibiotics run out tomorrow and really have been no help. Woke this morning from fevered dreams and pains all over. Muh. 2006 better improve!

Meme Quartet

Sunday, January 15th, 2006

Suzy tagged me with the four meme.

Four jobs you’ve had in your life:

Worked in a pound shop when I was 15/16.
Hospital porter.
Tech support monkey.
Technical writer.

Four movies you could watch over and over:

Terminator 2
The Godfather
Old Boy

Four places you’ve lived:
The Cork countryside 🙂
Ballintemple, Cork.

Four TV shows you love to watch:

The West Wing
Battlestar Galactica (the new version)
Doctor Who

Four places you’ve been on vacation:

Four websites you visit daily:
Visit 130 sites via Bloglines
Internet Movie Database.

Four of your favorite foods:

Rare bloody steak
Most fish
Chips and curry from Lennox’s, Bandon Road

Four places you’d rather be:
Sitting on some craggy rocks, breathing in the sea air rolling in from Galway Bay and just taking in the magnificent views as the sun in the evening starts to fade and you can still feel the warmth on your face and the sunburn starting to tighten the skin on your shoulders. All senses at work yet feeling so relaxed.
Cork. Think of the Tommy Tiernan joke about Cork people. Sure it’s not Cork, like.
Sitting on a stairs.

Four people to annoy with another annoying meme.
United Irelander
The yank.

Wankr Beta

Sunday, January 15th, 2006

Wankr – For all your web 2.0 needs

Blog Awards – 90 people have emailed in nominations so far

Friday, January 13th, 2006

90 emails with nominations. Quite happy with that. Some interesting new blogs too I hadn’t seen before. Very encouraging.

Good presenting – Jobs and Lessig

Wednesday, January 11th, 2006

Guy Kawasaki laudes Steve Jobs’ presentation at Mac World and discusses how Jobs knows how to make a great presentation. Compare this to the crap that Bill Gates foists on people. Another proponent of lots of slides but using minimal text is Larry Lessig. His latest defense of Google Print is a great presentation though as in previous posts, I think he’s incorrect about fair use. Still, download his presentation via bitTorrent and see how a pro does it.