Blog Award Nominations and Judging

There’s been about 100 nominations so far and the nominations are slowing down to a trickle now so I think I’ll let them run until next Monday morning and then shut nominations and then start creating the nominations list for each category. When that’s done we can go to the next phase which is a public vote to eliminate blogs from certain categories so a short list is created which can then be passed on to the judges.

On the subject of judges, it is becoming quite apparent that 3-4 judges who would judge all categories is not going to work out as the judges are themselves nominated in many categories. To remedy this I’m going to create a pool of judges and once nominations close for the awards, which I think will be next week, I’ll be able to assign judges to various categories. So now I must fire off a few emails asking people would they like to be judges. Quick, check your email! I’ll list who will the judges are once the short lists are nailed down.

Still no news on a date or venue.

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