Google stopped being a search company a long time ago

Google buys leading radio advertising company.

Google is an ad company first and foremost these days.

2 Responses to “Google stopped being a search company a long time ago”

  1. Piaras Kelly says:

    I think they moved past the point of being an advertising company a little while ago and are now a media company if we really want to be specific about it.

  2. John Brennan says:

    I wouldn’t hold that against them though. After all as a publicly traded company they have an obligation to their investors to deliver a return on their investment. While Google seem to be investing heavily in targetted advertising that doesn’t seemed to have affected the levels of investment that they are putting into new product development. It seems like a week doesn’t go by when google don’t have something new to announce. I will add however that I think their new video search ( is pretty crap and not up to the normal standard we’ve come to associate with text based searches on