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I’m back but so is

Monday, December 10th, 2007

This. Left side all pins and needles and numbness. Hmm.

Paddy’s Valley and Jerry Yang, just hanging, as you do

Saturday, December 8th, 2007

Nothing will be bigger than the first trip. For years people will be talking about this. Full writeup on this trip when I get back but as well as the impressive Valley people, those that came from Ireland are bloody impressive too. Some very clever people who if given the right opportunities could make Ireland a better place by building great companies. Were I a businessperson I’d be watching all of them with interest.

Yahoo! meets Paddy's Valley

Spot the difference

Saturday, December 8th, 2007

Value Ireland points out some of their blog posts and some articles from the Indo. Interesting out.

Indo attack bloggers yet want them to work for them for free

Friday, December 7th, 2007

Fuck off. Seriously guys, go fuck yourselves.

As has been noted elsewhere, the Indo have had a nice aul go at bloggers for the past while, even making up stuff about yet at the same time they’ve been approaching people to blog on their site. For free. First of all, for free? I’d blog for free for the Irish Times (only if they paid me to do something else for a lot) but not for anyone else and my god would you honestly associate yourself with that lot. I don’t want the readership of the Indo as my personal audience, I’m quite happy with the better though smaller crowd that hang around here.

Fluffy Links – Friday December 7th 2007

Friday, December 7th, 2007

From the Beeb it’s Perl on rails.

Another cool multi-use linux device.

The Golden Pages is a bit elitist.

Want to turn ideas into reality and be a tech evangelist? Talk to WIT.

Dave Weinberger at Defrag.

Join the eircom web innovation Facebook group.

700k visitors to this blog since the counter got going. 100,000 visitors since September this year.

Loving this photo.

Jim gives us more addictive The Wire treats.

Pitch Forum in Palo Alto – Including videos

Thursday, December 6th, 2007

Only had time to write this now. Things have been a bit mad. So the Pitch Forum organised by EI on Tuesday went very well despite some annoying things which will be discussed properly in a future post. Enterprise Ireland really pulled out the stops and some very heavy hitters in Silicon Valley and American business turned up. The new Irish ambassador also was present and gave a speech.

Conrad Burke of Innovalight moderated the event which included a 45 min panel discussion on all things VC and business. The panellists were Richard Irving, Tim Danford, Patrick Ennis and Dino Vendetti with a guest appearance from Aidan Connolly of Idiro. Aidan then went back into the audience while the remaining panel listened to pitches from Jan Blanchard, Hélène Haughney, Alan O’Rourke, Marcus Mac Innes and Joe Drumgoole.

I’ve done some videos of the event, please forgive the quality.

First is Jan Blanchard doing his pitch:

Jan doing Q&A

Marcus Mac Innes from

Hélène Haughney from Nubiq

Alan O’Rourke from Toddle

Joe Drumgoole from Putplace – Pitching

Joe Drumgoole from Putplace – Q&A

What first attracted you to billionaire Marc Andreessen?

Thursday, December 6th, 2007

Wow. Day 4 of Paddy’s Valley was again amazing. Diego from Ning was most welcoming and then Marc Andreessen entertained us with this thoughts on business, social networks and the mobile space. There is no way in hell the first Paddy’s Valley will ever be bettered. 2am here and still wide awake buzzing from today. Microsoft were great too. Would you believe I skipped lunch at the Googleplex? 🙂

Ross Mayfield – Rock god

Tuesday, December 4th, 2007

Ross Mayfield from Socialtext just gave more advice to us in 90mins than any of us Paddys could have learned back home in months/years. Had we paid a consultant we’d have paid 1000s if not 10s of 1000s for his frank and honest advice. Day 3 of Paddy’s Valley and after meeting Facebook this morning and then Ross, we’re smiling big smiles and buzzing from the welcome. The people on this side of the pond are amazingly generous and open.

Day 3 of Padbrother

Tuesday, December 4th, 2007

Day 2 of Padbrother upped the drama levels as Padbrother set a challenge to the Benchd team to unlose their car keys. A frantic few hours of searching the locality and tearing apart a bedroom ended with success and just in time too for the next challenge in San Francisco.

After a quick interlude in the Padbrother house where everyone met Brian Deane from Ceatec and then headed to lunch in the Cheesecake Cafe, everyone then set off to San Francisco for the Scoble challenge.

This challenge involved the Padbrother contestants dressing to the nines to see who was the most fashionable. Touristr’s Jan Blanchard being French had an instant advantage though lost serious points by wrapping his new iPhone in a gaudy red jacket. Steve would not be impressed.

Later today on Padbrother is yet another challenge where five of the contestants will have to stand up in front of a crowd of 120 people and explain in 120 seconds why they should not be evicted from the auditorium.

Before all that some of the contestants will be meeting Facebook. More updates later.

Day 2 of Padbrother

Monday, December 3rd, 2007

Read this with a Geordie accent for best effect.

It’s day two of Paddy’s Valley Padbrother and many of the contestants are still asleep in the PadBrother House, while others are up and awake nursing sore heads. Alexia is in the kitchen making food for everyone. One day in and she’s already assumed the motherly role. At the same time Eoghan is already outside the Apple store, face pressed to the glass while stroking the glass and declaring his love to the iPhone.

As this is happening Conor has declared that he’s his own Island Nation and monarch of it at the same time. His grand highness Conor P plans to pounce on the Irish Ambassador on Tuesday evening and talk about setting up and embassy in Ireland so he can bring back lots of cheap goods under diplomatic immunity.

While some are having fun, others are working on their networking. Bus ticket 2.0 manufacturer CoClarity’s Ger Hartnett is busy working on his powerpoint presentation while Niall Larkin from RelevantM is practising his deathly evil and cold smile while reciting “I could tell you what the product does but then I’ll have to kill you.”

As this is happening Shane McAllister from Mobanode is standing outside every door in the Padbrother house in turn and trying to send bluetooth messages about how great his product is to the mobile phones that are in each room.

5 miles away the Touristr crew are polishing their red mustang. (not a euphemism)

More updates on the other Padbrother contestants later.