Ross Mayfield – Rock god

Ross Mayfield from Socialtext just gave more advice to us in 90mins than any of us Paddys could have learned back home in months/years. Had we paid a consultant we’d have paid 1000s if not 10s of 1000s for his frank and honest advice. Day 3 of Paddy’s Valley and after meeting Facebook this morning and then Ross, we’re smiling big smiles and buzzing from the welcome. The people on this side of the pond are amazingly generous and open.

4 Responses to “Ross Mayfield – Rock god”

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  2. AJ says:

    Care to share some of this advice 🙂

  3. Dan B says:

    addendum to last sentence.

    ‘the people on this side of the pond are amazingly generous and open……that been said their commercial instincts are a prime motivation in all activities albeit so not as obvious as their enthusiasm. At the core of every conversation in Silicon Valley is money. How are we going to fund this idea and how are we going to make money and how quickly can we do it’

    Probably the best place in the world to share, refine and deliver new ideas in a way that changes for the better how we live.

  4. Or for the worse, for that matter. A lot of military development goes on there, you know. 😉