Paddy’s Valley and Jerry Yang, just hanging, as you do

Nothing will be bigger than the first trip. For years people will be talking about this. Full writeup on this trip when I get back but as well as the impressive Valley people, those that came from Ireland are bloody impressive too. Some very clever people who if given the right opportunities could make Ireland a better place by building great companies. Were I a businessperson I’d be watching all of them with interest.

Yahoo! meets Paddy's Valley

5 Responses to “Paddy’s Valley and Jerry Yang, just hanging, as you do”

  1. TC says:


    Only kidding.

  2. Tom Young says:

    Sure didn’t the Irish shape america!?

  3. says:

    Now, tell me, what is the favoured brand of jeans….. that is the real question…. and do those who don’t wear jeans at all opportunities have to pay a fine like buying pints, as would happen on a rugby tour….??

  4. […] projects some of which are still in stealth I believe. Then introduced Jerry Yang to the group. As you do. The next day we got a tour of the Yahoo! Sunnyvale campus and some of the lads gave a micro-pitch […]

  5. […] profitable. PaddysValley was more spontaneous and chaotic (in a good way), we did after all meet Jerry Yang, Marc Andresson and the guys from Twitter. Webmission’s pitch event attracted less than 10 […]