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I’d mention the Darklight Festival

Wednesday, June 25th, 2008

if it wasn’t for the constant fucking spam they send me on a daily basis and the fact I was signed up to their newsletter and mailing lists without permission. So fuck em. I’ll still attend the discussion panel on privacy they asked me to be on though where I’m sure I’ll mention how spamming me invaded mine.

The fantastic work of…

Wednesday, June 25th, 2008

Eolai. Remember his art sale? This is one of the ones I picked up. Beautiful.

Eolai's work

Fluffy Links – Wednesday 25th June 2008

Wednesday, June 25th, 2008

Get em while they’re fresh. Sign up to PutPlace now and mind your media.

A letter to Rachel.

iGaelige – An blag nua ag Concubhar Ó Liatháin.

Rowan chats to Ryan about getting that elusive pay rise.

Well there are a few games left – Euro2008 coverage by Fustar.

Niall Kitson is a-blogging.

Reporter on murders turns out to be murderer. That’ll be a film so. He even had a bad relationship with his mother.

Weezer and 200 of their fans sing Radiohead.

Karl Lagerfield on his first day as a lorry (pronounced lurry) driver.

I want. Or Wantsies.

Via Fabulist:

Via Robin:

Cowen’s Downfall

Tuesday, June 24th, 2008

Oh sweet jesus this is good. So good it had to be blogged right away. We’ve all seen these mashes before but never as a cabinet meeting:

Saving Irish companies from Social Media Crooks

Tuesday, June 24th, 2008

I think the IIA Social Media Working Group which has just been formed has come out just in the nick of time. “Social media” is the new hot thing (despite being around for a few years) and just like in every gold rush you get the devious, duplicitous, defrauding, dodgy types who will tell you and sell you any lie they can in order to remove you from your money, “social media” already seems to have the scammer types in this new field. This probably won’t be the main remit but I do think this group will stop SMEs and larger companies from being ripped off and conned just by existing. Thank the gods. Imagine if we had such a group when SEO and Search Marketing started off. Or blogging? Maybe less people would have gotten screwed on blog installs?

The lineup of people in the group is impressive too with a good deal of people (most in fact) talking the talk walking the walk (edit: apologies, I meant walking!) and they are blogging, podcasting, twittering, facebooking and friendfeeding. This is exactly what’s needed. A group that’s already immersed.

Some of the folks on the Social Media Working Group are:
Krishna De, Bernie Goldbach, Niall Devine, Fred Herrera, Brendan Hughes, Gordon Jenkinson, Mike Kelly, Fintan Lonergan, Philip MacCartney, John McGuinness, Aisling McMahon, Kieran Murphy, Bartley O’Connor, Kieran O’Hea, Joy Redmond, Keith Shirley, and Roseanne Smith.

Thieves Ladder
Photo owned by unusualimage (cc)

I’m sure the IIA will bring out their whitepapers in time but here’s a short list of things I’d suggest in order to spot the clueless “consultants” who are pitching to you:

  • If people tell you creating a skinned mySpace profile or Bebo profile is social media “engagement”, don’t hire them.
  • If they tell you stuff on social networks can’t be measured, don’t hire them.
  • If they tell you to create a company “personality” as a profile on Facebook and add people to it then shoot them in the face. FB will crucify you for this.
  • If their only suggestion about social networks is to buy banner ads, don’t hire them.
  • If they tell you set your blog up on or, don’t hire them and tell me where they live.
  • If they tell you that you can buy links for your site, don’t hire them.
  • If they tell you to ghostwrite your blog, don’t hire them.

That list could go on and on.

Anyway, three cheers for this IIA Working Group.

Are these helpful members of the Garda Siochana?

Tuesday, June 24th, 2008

Found here and stuck on youtube now. They seem to admit they’re detectives. Sound is out of synch. I too think returning the trolley is the most important thing.

Edit: *waves to the Gardai visiting from the computer network*

Fluffy Links – Tuesday June 24th 2008

Tuesday, June 24th, 2008

What have the Romans Greens ever done for us?

Captain America’s in Cork. Never fails. At being shit.

Busted. Julian catches a supplier out. Meanwhile he has a nice recipe for gumbo. Yum.

Nick’s blog is a journal about his son Jacob who has down syndrome.

Via Alan. This is how you make physics fun.

Mad. AVG antivirus is inflating website stats due it scanning your browser cache. Also bad for bandwidth bills.

I like this take. Russell doesn’t have time to blog now that he works from home.

Rob (we’re buds now so I can call him that) used glory-hole in a review of tech. Time to up the game.

Good post from Des on starting a WordPress based blog.

Classic scene from a classic movie:

Google Cache helps leak new Google AdPlanner Product

Tuesday, June 24th, 2008

via the NYT Bits blog:

Google To Announce New Audience Measurement Initiative @ AM 3.0

At 5:00 p.m., on Tuesday, June 24, 2008, at the ARF AM 3.0 Conference in New York, Wayne Lin, Google Business Product Manager, will introduce Google’s latest initiative in internet audience measurement. This public announcement will be followed by moderated panel and audience reaction.

The ESRI Recession Scoop

Monday, June 23rd, 2008

Recession is official. As seen on first!

Newspapers in Ireland – Bits from a presentation

Monday, June 23rd, 2008

I gave a talk as Conchango last Friday on the present and future of newspapers. (oh and Tom wants a free link to his blog). Nobody remembers what I said exactly as I hid my lack of insight by using XKCD comic strips in each slide to distract them. (Never fails to work)

Google Trends now allows you to see rough site visit information (though many think the data can be way out) but again it’s good for rough estimates. If you log into it you can see the numbers as per the screencaps. If you click the images you’ll see better versions of the images.

Here’s a Trends screencap of visitors to the main Irish Newspaper sites.
Irish newspapers on Google Trends

Oddly, the Examiner’s Breaking News website gets more visits than their main site. I’m sure the fact the Examiner couldn’t stick with a name or a single website address didn’t help either.
Irish newspapers on Google Trends

Now, when you throw in RTE’s website, it shows who the daddy is for online news. Newspapers I hope are starting to realise that they can’t rely just on print alone now for distribution.
Irish newspapers on Google Trends

As I keep on saying and giving out about, they also need to go where the younger generation are going and that’s not a single place anymore. Here’s Newspapers, RTE and Bebo in a graph and this is Irish usage not worldwide usage. Look at all the Irish on Bebo, look at the number visiting the Irish Examiner site:
Irish newspapers on Google Trends

From my perspective:

Current state of Irish newspapers

  • Losing readership. Print revenue down. Charges going up. Becoming more tabloid to get/retain marketshare.
  • Screwing existing journos with less fulltime contracts, getting rid of sub-editors, outsourcing, less resouces. Turnaround time is minutes or hours NOT days.
  • Their journos are lifting stories right, left and centre from blogs. From images to copying and pasting whole blog posts.
  • Associated Press in bed with Google. Google News top story linking to AP headline, not headlines of Boston Globe, National or Local papers.

Blogger Threat

Bloggers are a threat because:

  • Breaking news more.
  • Sources going to bloggers. Sources trust the “real” bloggers more these days.
  • Blogs have better SEO.

What are the Newspapers doing right?

  • Dropping paywalls
  • Making a go of SEO
  • Allowing social bookmarking
  • Allowing comments
  • Bringing their own blogs online
  • Feeds for every section

More is needed

  • Add feeds for each journalist/columnist
  • Heavily exploit email
  • Bebo and Facebook Widgets
  • Distribution API –> Wherever the cool kids hang

Future changes

Aggregate, edit, distribute

  • Newspapers still bastions of balance and quality (for now)
  • A newspaper should promote good work, no matter the source and with it encourage good blogging
  • Finding news sources, journalists, bloggers.
  • Each newspaper should be like AP, offering every article up
  • This will need a full blown API for stock purchase and distribution

Changing work

  • All news is breaking news, people no longer wait for the paper
  • All newspapers need to be media orgs, integration?
  • 3 hour radio shows are now 24/7 websites and direct competitors. Remember that.
  • In order to crowdsource, reporting material needs to be shared
  • A DIGG for each paper?
  • Journalists need to share what they are looking at and ask for help – Help a Reporter