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Fluffy Links – Monday June 30th 2008

Monday, June 30th, 2008

I’m at the Tour De Force event today so blogging is going to be light. I met some of the folks last night and they’re some of the friendliest bunch of tech people I’ve encountered. Here’s some stuff to keep you slightly entertained while blogging is light.

Beer and food competition from Bubble Brothers.

M83 are back again.

Via 12 Stories. Are you a visual thinker?

Solar powered plant pot. I like.

For the Philip Pullman fans.

New blog – The Connolly Column. From Cob H.

Marketing’s Wheel of Misfortune.

Passion Pit. Yay.

Nodal Points. William Gibsontastic. is live – Shane’s blog not on new site

Sunday, June 29th, 2008, the new site for the Irish Times and with another new design is now live. First reaction is I’m not too gone on it, too like the Guardian Berliner design. I liked the old white background. I don’t like the cream coloured background. It also looks like Shane’s fantastic blog, mothballed as it is, is not on the new site. Meaning that our cries and foot-stamping shouts of “You’ll be back, they always come back” were wrong. Jim’s is still there and Conor’s as is Mark Hennessy’s blog. No new blogs yet. Please please bring in new bloggers.

“Safe as Houses” – aKING

Sunday, June 29th, 2008

Via Fabulist:

“Safe as Houses” by aKING

Irish Times removes paywall from Monday

Saturday, June 28th, 2008

Paywall removed, moving to, to become a portal.

Via Eoin and a really shitty press release comes news that the Irish Times are going online and are moving domain for the freeness to and keeping for premium stuff. The last bit is a little stupid really. All those links with “Irish Times” are now going to which is going to become a “portal” on all things Ireland. Great…

The Irish Times will publish on the web under its own title online from Monday morning with the launch of a new site, The site will be free to access by readers.

The move to is designed to make the newspaper the dominant media website in Ireland in the 21st century. The change from a subscription model to a free newspaper on is a further instalment in the biggest editorial development programme in the history of the newspaper embarked upon last February with the redesign and modernisation of The Irish Times and the launch of new supplements.

The new will combine relevant content across a range of channels, local services and search functionality in a manner that has not been seen in Ireland before. The new site is aimed at Irish internet users or people elsewhere with an interest in Ireland and all things Irish.

Here’s what I predicted at the start of the year, so more to do:

The Irish Times will open up
While some won’t want to see the paymodel go away after defending it for years, the paywalls at the Irish Times will fall away and traffic will go up and up, making this quality paper rightly go up in rankings for all things Ireland. The Irish Times will internally consider buying or asking Kieran Murphy from IceCreamIreland to do a weekly piece for their food and lifestyle blog. Nothing might happen though.

I’m hearing I’m going to be wrong on the blogs. They’re still greatly disliked in there.

Anyway, overall fantastic news, lets see how these stats look in two months.

Hot Garda Cam Action

Friday, June 27th, 2008

No, not really. Found this on YouTube:

So you think you can write?

Friday, June 27th, 2008

A kind of followup to this post about what to write and this post about WordPress installs. Even with guides on what to write, some companies still don’t feel able to blog and I’m getting queries more and more from people asking me to supply names of people or companies that work in the copy writing/blog post writing business. However I smack their knuckles with a ruler if they suggest ghost writers. I won’t supply names to them for that. If I hear you ghost write for business blogs, I won’t recommend you either. Blogging is all about real people and real engagement, remember?

Multimedia message
Photo owned by janetmck (cc)

The same way I’m getting a public list of WordPress Installers together, I’d like to put a list of people together that are willing to write blog copy (and get attribution) for businesses. The idea would be too you’d work with the company to eventually bring some of their staff into the blogging lark on their blog. If you think you can write non-PR bullshit and engage the public on behalf of a business, stick your name down in the comments and maybe areas you are good at writing about already.

Fluffy Links – Friday June 27th 2008

Friday, June 27th, 2008

I love this post from Maryam. Amazing how people can change depending on who they interact with.

Nice blog, 12 stories in 12 months.

New blog: Double Negative.Yeah right.

Swasticow the full length movie. Gott Ja.

Cian Foley from has a new book out – For Focal Sake.

Via Roosta101 PhotoShop tips in 5 Minutes.

Dublin free WiFi is actually ripoff expensiveFi.

What do Creative Generalists do?

Ahhh 404 errors
, oldies but.

Check out Slow Club
This is a song called “Me and You” but their song “Dance til the morning light” really rocks.

Fun in the morning at Darklight

Thursday, June 26th, 2008

Please do come along to Darklight in the morning. I’m going and I’m going to get my book signed by the guy who wrote it. Niall of the Larkins will be on the panel (and he’s the one who gave me the book! .6 degrees of these days) and Legs-a-Jimbo from the Times. I promise I’ll make my contributions tense, edgy and darkly funny. Then y’all can also attend the Web 3.0 talk right after.

[Disclaimer: I received the platinum status appearance fee (€8,327.24) to be on this panel. This post is very much paid for]

Lines of Communication
Photo owned by Martin Kingsley (cc)

[or maybe not]

Beamish discovers the Interweb

Thursday, June 26th, 2008

Check out this press release:

Beamish Stout Launches New Digital Marketing Initiative

Thursday, 26th June 2008: Beamish Stout has today announced its first venture into digital marketing with an exclusive promotion on the popular Cork community website, The promotion is part of a new advertising strategy by Beamish Stout, which will ensure the Stout has a presence on the popular website for two weeks from today, 26th June 2008. is an event website that displays all the latest news and entertainment from Cork City and County. To launch its presence on the website, Beamish Stout is offering two lucky visitors to the site, the chance to win a trip to the historic Beamish & Crawford brewery in Cork City. The visitors will be given an exclusive guided tour of the landmark building in South Main Street, which lies in the heart of what was the medieval city.

and if you go to their front page. Not one mention of Beamish.

Beamish-free PROC

Uhm. This is their first venture into digital marketing? Is it so viral that it’s the size of a real virus and is invisible, am I a pawn in their viral marketing game? Oh my god I need a pint of delicious and creamy Beamish Stout. Yummmmm.

[subliminal viral text] Drink Beamish stout or you’ll turn gay, except if you’re a woman cos lesbians already like stout so keep drinking! [/subliminal viral text]

Words don’t come easy – What to blog about?

Thursday, June 26th, 2008

Probably the most asked question during business blogging training courses is about what to write once the blog is up and running. If you’re generally stuck for words when meeting someone for coffee then you might have a fair point that you have nothing to say but otherwise there’s an infinite amount of material from people. We’re all able to write blog posts. It just takes time. Eventually you’ll get to the moment where you’ll find yourself thinking “I’m blogging this”. Some suggestions:

Tell your story

When Pat Phelan started out with his blog many moons ago he blogged about how he got to where he was. It was great. It was like a mini-series and was done in a great personal way so it was like VH1’s behind the music. People these days expect some personal in a business. They want to connect with people. Blogging “The Story of Us” is a way you could start your blog out and line up the protagonists. There’s loads of backstory in every business and in every blog. Share it.

Current Affairs

It’s your blog, it’s your opinion. Consider yourself one of those commentators on the radio or TV. Journalists interviewing journalists about events. If something is news and is relevant to your business segment, do an opinon piece on it. This shows you know what you’re talking about and oftentimes you can present a different view or take on it.

Report Analysis

How many times do we see official Government reports come out and not have an iota about what it means? Why not use your expertise and ability to convert the GovSpeak or CorpSpeak into plainer english? It’d certainly be a public service.

Quill etc
Photo owned by studentofrhythm (cc)


What’s your business segment, what’s your blogging niche? Why not do a round-up of what blogs in your niche are discussing at the moment? Electric News to a daily “What’s in the papers?” and it’s hugely popular. Why not be the source of the round-ups and be the jumping off point for your niche area?


Isn’t this a guide? Why not use your expertise to write about something which helps others out? Write a guide on how to file taxes online or how to find good developers or how to sort your accounts quickly. Are you a Wine seller? Do a bluffers guide to wine. Guides can become quite long depending on the subject matter so they can always be split into two or three or five parts. There’s five blog posts right there.

Elaborating on comments

Years back my first blog posts were as a result of comments I left on other blog posts or on discussion forums and where I’d go off on a tangent and they were off-topic on the blog post or on the discussion forum. Sometimes a small comment on another blog can turn into a much larger piece of writing on your blog. Go with it.


  • Some see lists as downright lazy and all about linkbaiting.
  • They convey a lot of information in a short space.
  • They’re very easy to write.
  • Example: Top 9 ways to save bank charges.
  • Odd numbered lists are nicer.

Pepper those posts!

Don’t forget to write easy to digest blog posts and to pepper them or break up text with images. Use tools like Jazzbiscuit’s Image Search to add royalty-free images to your posts.

Photo owned by liz_noise (cc)

Solicit for help

Like I’m doing now. Use a blog post to “crowdsource” products and information. Use those that read the blog to be your researchers for you. Ask them to add tips and suggestions to ones you already made. So please add more suggestions on what people can write in their blog posts and techniques to get them to be inspired.

Don’t write about

At MulleyWorld we’ll make sure that all your needs are catered for. Our well-trained staff. Blah de blah. No brochure crap please. No advertorials about how you guys rock. Stop. Remember it’s a conversation and it is meant to engage with people. Will what you write get questions and comments? Do not copy and paste press releases into a blog post. People will never come back with that kind of fodder on the blog. If you’re a business, stick to mostly posts about business with the odd personal flirtation with a hobbyhorse. If you are the only person in the company blogging or you’re the head honcho there’s more leeway for that as you in a way are also a personality. Businesses posting YouTube videos too frequently won’t get the critical mass of people from their niche area hanging around. If you as a business go down the popculture route you might as well blog about Britney and Camel Toes.

Anyone got other suggestions? A previous post on procrastination might be useful too.