Wanted: People to install WordPress without robbing others blind

From talking to more and more people at the Blogging courses, there seems to be a few cowboys in Ireland who are charging from €550 to €1500 to install a default version of WordPress and for those new to the blogging world, they don’t know if that’s fair or not. It’s not. I’m looking to compile a list of those who want to earn an easy bit of money to install WordPress on websites for those on the Blogging Courses. I’d prefer to make this list public so everyone can benefit and I have to do less work since I’ll just say: “See this page”.

If you want to be listed, add your name here, with rough prices and what you can do or if you prefer not to list prices that’s grand but I will be telling people that anything over €300 for a standard default install or upgrade is not value for money. We’re talking 1-2 hours work at most unless their webhost have all sorts of “fun” setups.

If people also want to be listed for designing themes and so forth. Let me know and I’ll make a list of them too. And no, this is not an invite to debate the security issues of Wordpess and the advantages of other platforms. 🙂

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60 Responses to “Wanted: People to install WordPress without robbing others blind”

  1. monkee says:

    My webhost does it for me.

  2. I’d be glad to be added to your list of WP installers. I’m an experienced WP user and by reading the “About” on my site, you can get an idea of my skills with WP and my mission to not “rob people blind”.

    It does take a certain amount of technical skill compared to the average non-techie, but a basic installation shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg;)

    $100 US Dollars for me to do an install.

  3. smemon says:

    Can’t believe anyone would charge ridiculous fee’s like that…

    Assuming it’s just a basic install and not custom themes or mods, those guys should be named and shamed…

    Make a post on digital point forums asking for an install and within 5 minutes you’ll have a queue of people who can do the job for peanuts.. ($5 or less)…

    Now reputation/security etc… comes in to it then and you have to be a good judge of character, but a quick check of itrader, portfolio, a few pm’s and you’re done. $5 isn’t going to break the bank anyway.

  4. PerS says:

    My SetupWP is free, you’ll find it at http://www.setupwp.com

  5. James says:

    I do it for a donation or around $20.00 USD if people need a price.

  6. I do blogs, and typically the price varies, depending on what someone wants. Prices when I do it work from €60 and that’s for a hours consultation and including some of the basic plugins like
    * All in One SEO
    * WP-ContactForm
    * Google XML Sitemaps
    * Dagon Design Sitemap Generator

    Paul @ BloggingSupport.com

  7. Donall Quinn says:

    To all those people who will do it for €/$15 or less. Does that include talking to them to find out what thay want (in my experience a lot of people don’t have a really clear idea what sort of website/blog they want, only that they want it)? does it include hoding their hand while they take their first faltering steps? Does it include being there when something goes wrong, as it surely will? A couple of hundred €/$ isn’t excessive for setting up a business website/blog that is going to make the client money.

  8. Cormac MacGowan says:

    Hi all,

    I’m looking for a good designer to produce stylesheets for a holiday apartment rentals website.

    We’ve estimated that this will take less than three days, including contingency.

    The project is underway, and we’re currently building the ecommerce and database elements.

    There is a holding site in place, but as it was built by a programmer, as opposed to a designer, it ain’t pretty.

    If you are interested, please email me at jobingalway at gmail dot com

    Kind regards,


  9. Rob Dore says:

    We’ll offer any WordPress related service for 40 Euro per hour or we’ll agree a price per project for anything more involved.

    We can offer theme based sites or design a theme at very fair prices.

    We can be contacted via http://comology.co.uk



  10. […] If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my site using a feedreader or email. Thanks for visiting – Damien.I think the IIA Social Media Working Group which has just been formed has come out just in the nick of time. “Social media” is the new hot thing (despite being around for a few years) and just like in every gold rush you get the devious, duplicitous, defrauding, dodgy types who will tell you and sell you any lie they can in order to remove you from your money, “social media” already seems to have the scammer types in this new field. This probably won’t be the main remit but I do think this group will stop SMEs and larger companies from being ripped off and conned just by existing. Thank the gods. Imagine if we had such a group when SEO and Search Marketing started off. Or blogging? Maybe less people would have gotten screwed on blog installs? […]