Wanted: People to install WordPress without robbing others blind

From talking to more and more people at the Blogging courses, there seems to be a few cowboys in Ireland who are charging from €550 to €1500 to install a default version of WordPress and for those new to the blogging world, they don’t know if that’s fair or not. It’s not. I’m looking to compile a list of those who want to earn an easy bit of money to install WordPress on websites for those on the Blogging Courses. I’d prefer to make this list public so everyone can benefit and I have to do less work since I’ll just say: “See this page”.

If you want to be listed, add your name here, with rough prices and what you can do or if you prefer not to list prices that’s grand but I will be telling people that anything over €300 for a standard default install or upgrade is not value for money. We’re talking 1-2 hours work at most unless their webhost have all sorts of “fun” setups.

If people also want to be listed for designing themes and so forth. Let me know and I’ll make a list of them too. And no, this is not an invite to debate the security issues of Wordpess and the advantages of other platforms. 🙂

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60 Responses to “Wanted: People to install WordPress without robbing others blind”

  1. I’d be happy to do installations of default systems for people for much less than those figures you quoted. Rather than getting into a bidding war with people, I’ll keep my price off list but put it this way it’s less than 300 for a default install. Server tweaks, etc may add to the price.

  2. Andy says:

    I’d say 70-euro with an additional 40-euro per hour for difficult setups beyond two hours. Just for the basic installation. Happy to take referrals – and potentially develop custom themes from there.

    Drop me a line if you like, or if you think anyone might be interested.

  3. Grannymar says:

    Now Elly will be sending me a bill! 😥

  4. Conor says:

    300 quid for a default WP install?!

    I’m in the wrong business I tell you.

  5. Sinéad C says:

    I never even realised there was a market for this kind of thing, especially didn’t think prices could be placed so high, especially for something that is really a straightforward process.

    I’d definitely install default WP on the cheap for SMEs, I’d even go so far as to find a theme that suited the business and tweaking it to add functionality or incorporate logos, colour-schemes etc., (much faster than designing a theme from scratch).

  6. cgarvey says:

    You should consider a list of the cowboys as well. It doesn’t have to label them as cowboys, just put them in a “most expensive” category.

  7. Michele says:

    You can install it yourself using our installer.

    It won’t take you more than 5 minutes.

    Tweaking and adding plugins etc., is another story, but a base install is easy and won’t cost you anything more than the 35 euro / year hosting charge

  8. Katherine says:

    I would like to pop my name on the list too, for both installing and developing custom themes. For less than 300 yos – I’d go along with Andy’s prices or similar!

  9. David Behan says:

    Hi Damien,

    I do wordpress bolt ons to sites I’m designing. Usually I charge €500 for setting up the blog with a custom skin based on the rest of the site I design. This charge is NOT for a default install, but part of an overall design package that includes setting up the blog, starting with sandbox theme and making it look like the rest of the site.

    I’ve done a couple of default installs for a couple of people but haven’t charged cause there isn’t much work in that part.

    Just thought I’d share.



  10. roosta says:

    I charge when I use WordPress as a CMS for a site, as in I do all the design, but use WordPress as the engine. Then I treat it as a regular web design job.

    If someone just wanted a WP blog with default-ish settings, yeah, id probably just charge 50 quid or something.

  11. I’m on Blacknight and the Installatron is log-falling easy. I can’t believe people are charging that.

  12. JohnMRyan says:

    I though many webhosts such as letshost.ie offer this as a 1 click install, just fill in the username and password and click install no upload – unless of course they want plugins and themes added. The prices quoted are a joke, for a basic install of wordpress anything over 50 is too much, unless there are other setup requirements….

  13. Barry Hand says:

    One click install won’t do all the necessary configuration and plugin installation and updates.

    I’ll offer to do 1 free complete WP install & proper SEO config (permalink structure + .htaccess) as well as plugins/updates/ping services etc. for any of your budding business blogging friends, Damien 🙂


  14. Barry says:

    Yeah installatron on Blacknight or other such hosting is a no brainer.

  15. squid says:

    I’d be interested, also willing to assist with installation of themes.

    I wouldn’t ask for any more than €50 per job to be honest. maybe charge per hour after two hours if an install took longer than expected. an additional 10

  16. Hi Damien,
    have you checked out http://install4free.wordpress.net/ Not to undercut anyone else but for a basic install, free is hard to beat (yes I know the people charging money are adding loads of extra value and taking it beyond a simple install). Cheers, Ralph

  17. MJ says:

    *rocking fowards and backwards*
    – and muttering –
    “i’m-in-the-wrong-business, i’m-in-the-wrong-business, i’m-in-the-wrong-business, i’m-in-the-wrong-business…”

    btw – so much for the “blogging will be light” Damo!! What’s that, three today?! Haha

    I’m telling anyone who’s listen to start a blog if they’re starting a business. Google likes updated websites…what easier way to update your website than with a blog…just don’t be boring…lots of tenuous links to your own business are fine…what do you mean you’re not planning a website…if you’re not online then you’re not at the bloody races…

  18. Michele says:

    @MJ – there are plenty of successful businesses that aren’t online. They’re still successful.

  19. Paul McClean says:

    Heh.. I’ll help anyone set up a default WordPress install on a host for nothing, if I have the time. My charge is beer if you see me down the pub.

    I’ve done a lot custom wordpress templates for businesses, but I charge that stuff out at a daily rate, with time depending on how much graphic design/plugins/features you want built in. There’s no fixed price on a job like that.

  20. MJ says:

    @Michele – fair point, I still say that if you’re serious about your business and marketing it in the 21st Century then you seriously need to have web presence! No I’m not a web designer 😉

  21. Aidan Finn says:

    The business model is all wrong here. What they should be doing is installing it for free, and then charging a maintenance fee everytime they need to install a security update. Much more lucrative in the long term. 🙂

  22. Mobydickler says:

    I’ll do a bog standard install for €200 and that would include a choice of a few templates and plugins for SEO and stuff. I’ll even run as far as tweaking the designs and templates to take it more business or blog specific and still manage it for €300 provided we’re not into the totally esoteric or time consuming. I’ll go on maintaining the site for someone as well if they require that, just agree terms to maintain the stuff and do security upgrades etc.

    Drop me a line on mobydickler@gmail.com

  23. Ben says:

    On Aidan’s note, as someone who would be able to normally not punch my way out of a paper bag i would be delighted to help anyone with the process of installing WP from scratch and installation of plugins etc.

    I wouldn’t think of charging as when i would’ve started installing these kinda sites out of the box it was user / community help i received etc

    You may surely add my details to any list and i would be delighted to help so long as it didn’t involve any midnight heavy breather moments

  24. quovadis says:

    After getting qoutes from Irish designers I went with an Australian http://www.stevepronger.com for the entire web site and then he installed word press and gave me all kinds of free advice in English that even I could understand at half the price of Irish developers
    When I went back for a different website last year, he suggested I just use the then new word press pages features rather than pay him.
    He’s honest, cheap (but good) and reliable.

  25. D says:

    Personally I wouldn’t pay anyone.

    Charging someone 300 (150/hr), 550 (275/hr) or 1500 (750/hr) is a disgrace.

    Quote from WordPress: “With our famous 5-minute installation, setting up WordPress for the first time is simple.”

    Every second shared hosting company out there now offers 1 click WordPress installations.

  26. Matt says:

    I dunno about WordPress, but my mate Adrian does MT install and hosting for about $50/year. For that you get MT4, and upgrades every time a new MT comes out.

    It’s mostly just for his mates though, but I’m sure he’d do it for someone random for a little bit more.

  27. Michele says:

    We’re hoping to have an automated MT installer available in a few weeks – keep an eye on our blog for details 🙂

  28. Eamon says:

    I use wordpress for several things. I’ve come to conclude that it is vastly overrated. How ancient is the idea of fiddling with a database? Its uncool to say so but blogger.com will do the job for 90% of people. Oh but blogger cant do x, y and z or have such support for plugins. Blogging is not about the technology its about how you use it. Blogger works fine for me and the more
    I use it the more I learn how WP can actually hold you back.

  29. Gordon says:

    Hi Damien, I’d like to throw my name into the ring to help set up WordPress for Cork businesses. I’ve been doing this for a few people of late anyway. Problems can be solved by asking the people on Twitter 🙂

  30. I host some wordpress blogs for a few friends, mainly secure family photo blogs (i.e. password protected sites that don’t show up on google yet that can still be accessed by trusted friends and family).

    To help combat the cowboys, I’m happy to host or help set up default wordpress installs for small businesses in the Waterford area – initial consultation fee is a cup of coffee. Can also point people in the right direction for more complicated requirements.

  31. Danny says:

    I offer WordPress basic setup/configuration including 1 hour of onsite consultation for 250 Euro. The onsite consultation is pretty much anywhere south of an invisible line between Galway and Dublin.

  32. George says:

    I’ll do a WordPress installation for $15, on Linux. $30, and I’ll include some consultation with it.
    Installtions include setting up permalinks, backups and the important bits.
    Email me and let me know.

  33. I am more than happy to help create, configure and develop both personal and corporate blogs for a nominal fee. I have advised many a friend on WordPress over the years and I have a background in SEO and social media.

    I have worked with WordPress + WordPress MU and also with the localisation of WordPress into many languages. I’m an avid member of the WordPress.org community. I’m a nice guy too 🙂

  34. johnbillion says:

    @George – why do you bother? You’ll earn more than that stacking shelves in a supermarket.

    By the time you’ve consulted and communicated with whoever it is you’re installing WordPress for, your hourly rate will have dropped to $3.50 if you’re lucky. Next time you install WordPress for $15, time how long you actually spend on the entire process.

    Do not devalue your technical ability.

  35. Donal says:

    Put me on the list too Damien. I’ve done quite a few installs at this stage and reckon €150 would be plenty.

  36. Brian Groce says:

    We (Watershed Studio) specialize in WordPress development (the whole shebang) and I agree that for an “out of the box” WordPress install, that does seem a bit high. Maybe they’re also installing and setting up plugins and a theme option or two? Or maybe they’re offering some other value added services along with it? Anyway, that’s interesting to hear what other people are charging.

  37. Brian Greene says:

    we did this site http://www.irishdeafkids.ie in WP. but the issue is robbery not what will you do for a tenner. The kid down the road will install WP for half nothing. But WP can do so much more like easy to use CMS for a whole site! more integration on top of original design process etc. all costs money. Established companies cost more than soho or bedroom ops. Just coz WP is in the mix does not mean price is the only issue. Clients expectations usually orientates clients to the right supplier, as does budget.

    If persons are being fleeced prior to a mulley training session by rogue dev WP robbers, then the lesson is spend the quids on a enterprise board afternoon of a chambers breakie briefing etc. with mulley type or similar trainers before engaging the local fly by’s. come to us for design not the price of a WP install. Its like the Fergal Byrne (adnet) question, how much is a website?

  38. paulSweeney says:

    Great conversation. Perhaps if everyone had “easy wordpress install” and “ireland” in their post this would rocket up the google search? But this entire thread has been a real eye opener. Well done Damien.

  39. John B says:

    If anyone’s interested I’ve just written an Installing and reskinning WordPress post. Mostly because I wasn’t sure where to start with WordPress a while ago but also spurred on by this topic.

  40. Chris says:

    I have to add my name to the list. I use WP for all of my clients blogs, and they all are very happy with how easy WP is to use, as well as how quickly it can be integrated into their website.

  41. It takes about 5 minutes to do a basic default WordPress installation, but it can take a hell of a lot longer to design a bespoke custom theme.

    That’s where the earning capacity is for designers, and at the same time it gives the customer a unique blog design.

    Damien, if anyone’s looking for a custom design I’ll be happy to talk to them. It’ll cost them more then the few hundred quid mentioned above, but for a custom design, I think it’s worth it.

  42. Mike Kelly says:

    1,500 for WP installation- pure greed
    Imagine what they are charging for content, header graphics etc
    Well done for highlighting this Damien
    If your hosting video on you blog shop around for good bandwidth (transfer) package

  43. Hi there,
    I’d like to add my name to the list. I’ve been working with wordpress for a couple of years and have set up basic blogs to more complex magazine style sites. The cost would be €150 for a basic install with plugins. Custom design would be extra if required.

  44. Donall Quinn says:

    I’d like to add my name to the list. I’m based in the Wicklow/S. Dublin area. I’d charge in the region of €80 (+VAT) for a basic setup and €50 per hour for customisation etc.

  45. Ken McGuire says:

    Off the clock, 60 bucks an hour for full hosted setup, any additional plugins, a couple of themes, feedburner, technorati, analytics, statcounter, enough to get any blogger going.

    There’d want to be some serious steak with 1,500 for a default install.

  46. Damien says:

    I await someone paying bloggers money to install WordPress for them at this rate…

  47. James says:

    I can’t help but think good for them. I know there’s ignorance but e.g. I don’t know anything about ballet shoes. This doesn’t mean that I’d give the first person who tried to sell me a pair €1500.


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  49. Great idea – I’d also be interested in hiring people for installing WordPress and plugins for it occasionally.

    Could you add me to the theme designer list please? I charge $800 (Roughly 510 euros) for a standard blog design (Includes the coding). Thanks!

  50. Jacob Santos says:

    I would also do it for $15 dollars. It would take less than an hour, to upload, configure for the database, and change the ‘admin’ username to something else. Also to configure Akisket. With WordPress 2.6 it will not be need for me to install WordPress plugins (unless the host doesn’t support it) and updating plugins is just a click anyway.

    If I had to maintain the install, then I would charge $15 dollars again and $8 dollars after an hour. Problems might arise.

    I think pimping a free web application for hundreds of dollars devalues WordPress. Yes, I have the technical ability that it only takes me less time than it would a novice who doesn’t know anything about FTP, PHP, and hosts.

    It isn’t that I devalue my ability, it is that I don’t feel like I should rip people off by charging outrageous prices. I would install for free, but my time is precious and I’ll be more likely to delay working with the client if there wasn’t any money involved.

    Install4free I don’t think they upgrade installations that they had installed. Therefore, it is up to the person and that could be an issue after a while when security fixes aren’t being applied.