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Spammery and fakery from (Taste of Dublin and Taste of Cork company )

Friday, August 29th, 2008

A few people told me that they got a spam email from Scott in today. And not for the first time. What’s worse is these gobshites put all the addresses in the CC field so everyone can see who got the email. The A-C email contains 1300 emails alone it seems.

So people have made a complaint to the Data Protection Commissioner who’ll no doubt give Brand Events a hug or something. Not like they will do anything more than give them a warning.

Ciaran blogged about it here. He has already asked to be removed from the list and his request appears to have been ignored. They also told him that no Scott works there. So they’re using a fake persona to send emails? That seems dodgy to me. I wonder can they be done under the new EU Consumer Protection laws for fakery? Might be work informing the National Consumer Agency.

Tut tut tut

Tuesday, August 19th, 2008

Around the corner from my house there’s a quaint little village going on with two pubs, a bank, a butchers, a coal merchants and a post office. There’s a busy road cutting through the middle of the village though. At the back of the Post Office is the Lavanagh Centre. A school for kids who are disabled. They do great work in that school/centre. Our little village has been made a little bit accessible for the high proportion of the students that have canes, crutches and electric wheelchairs and so all the steps have slopes to them etc and we have a pedestrian crossing.

And then we have these gobshites park across the pedestrian crossing, the only safe part of the little village of Ballintemple where people can cross to the bank, butcher, pub and bus stop.

Money before accessibility

Many of the patrons of the Lavanagh centre get the bus into the City Centre and the only safe way to do that is via the pedestrian crossing these morons blocked. You can’t see it in the pic but the van is parked on to the sideroad too so someone has to step or drive on to the sideroad, drive around the front of the van and blindly walk or drive on to the main Blackrock Road and then move about six feet and then go straight across to get to the ramp at the other side.

But then these mutts wear uniforms and think they’re rent-a-cops so that’s more important, right?

National Chugger Terror Day

Tuesday, August 19th, 2008

We could have one I suppose. It happens less in Cork but holy fuck they’re everywhere in Dublin. I’ve noticed now that the slimey fuckers are doing the handshake thing to stop you. Clever trick. Mostly used by those African ladies in Gran Canaria to get hold of your hand so they can clamp a “friendship” bracelet on to your wrist and then demand a few quid off you for accepting their bracelet.

I mostly am polite and say “No thank you” but some of them are kind of aggressive. The chuggers I mean. I wonder what could be done to teach these people some manners?

So, how do you wreck a chugger’s day?

  • Give them time and not abuse?
  • Keep them talking for as long as possible so they don’t bother anyone else? Give them the wrong bank details?
  • Have multiple people over the day give them the same bank details so the bank will get iffy with them?
  • Follow them home and wait til they come out of their home and then get all pushy and aggressive with them trying to get their bank details? (In Michael Moore’s TV Nation show he started ringing the home number of the owner of a telesales company trying to tell him about the TV Nation show and he also set 10 car alarms off at 6am outside the house of a car alarm company CEO)

houston zoo
Photo owned by sirtrentalot (cc)

Brian McFadden: 4 males and one not male in Westlife

Monday, August 18th, 2008

‘Saying pink is a form of red is the same as saying homosexual is a form of male.’

As said by Brian McFadden.

He made a lot of money from females and not males through the years. He worked with more than one for a while too. Nice bloke that Brian. The fat talentless cunt.

O2 experience store Patrick Street Cork – Bunch of cretins

Saturday, July 26th, 2008

Did you know if you are one of those noisy ignorant Spanish students that spend their time loitering in Irish towns and cities each summer and doing things such as splitting a coke between 8 of you in McDonalds that you are entitled to skip the queue in an O2 store and to hell with those people wanting to buy more than a fucking charger that are in the queue? Well that’s apparently the policy in the O2 experience store in Patrick’s Street in Cork.

Despite me raising a complaint about the queue jumpers the girl serving them didn’t seem to care, nor did her colleague who looked at her and me and pretended not to notice.

Fuck your mobile broadband product I was signing up for and fuck your 16gb iPhone I decided to to get while I was in the queue.

This what Flickr brings back for the phrase fuck you. G’wan George:

George Carlin...the Best
Photo owned by Tony the Misfit (cc)

Millions (well over a Million) come to

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008

I started logging traffic using Statcounter on June 11th 2005. The number on the counter thingy hit a million a few hours ago. That’s a million unique visitors. Not hits. Not pageviews. I’m quite happy that on average I’m getting 330k unique visitors a year to this blog. I’m happy with that but happier with the repeat visitors. Those that stop by each morning or are subscribed and read the blog in a feed reader or by email. Thank you all for visiting and coming back. The majority of you have made me a better blogger. Some of you would really want to lighten up though! 🙂

Party on Garth! Reach for the lasers:
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Young Fine Gael dress up as Gerry Adams and Mary Lou wearing a Union Jack

Tuesday, June 10th, 2008

Even though I’m in Berlin I thought you’d like this press release:

Date: Tuesday, June 10 2008
Time: 1.30pm
Location: Merrion Street entrance to Leinster House.

Photo Opp: Two male YFG members wearing lifelike face masks will dress as Mary Lou McDonald (in a Spice Girls Union Jack dress) and Gerry Adams in a Union Jack Tuxedo. They will hold a 6X4 foot sign emblazoned with “No EU = Britain Runs Our Economy”.

Have they totally lost the plot? They are out republicaning the republicans and have decided to dress in drag and demean Mary Lou by equating her with Ginger Spice? Given Fine Gael’s gimp-mask-wearing style cow-towing to Maggie Thatcher and the British Governments all through the few years they were in power, this anti-British sentiment is a bit rich.

It gets just that litte bit better as they start going all anti-Unionist. The proddyGaels will not like this:


SF prefer dependence on Britain to a stronger EU- YFG

35 years of saying “NO” would make Paisley proud

Young Fine Gael (YFG) has called on voters to reject the anti-European messages of Sinn Fein when they cast their votes on the Lisbon Treaty next Thursday.

“Sinn Fein has said they are pro-Europe. When you consider they opposed EEC membership in the first place in 1972, and have made persistent vicious attacks against the EU since then, this claim is completely laughable,” according to YFG President Barry Walsh.

“In 1972, prior to joining the EEC, Ireland’s economy was completely dominated by Britain:

* Interest rates were dictated by the British Chancellor of the Exchequer
o Currency levels were handed to us by the British Government
o Our agriculture sector worked hard to provide the UK market with cheap food
o Our biggest export to Britain was our young people, who worked hard to build up THEIR economy and infrastructure.
o We were the 2nd poorest country in Europe

“Since then however, we have broken free of their stranglehold:

o 1 million jobs have been created
o Our biggest exports, to the Single Market of 500 million people, are now our food and technology products
o €58 billion in funding has flowed into Ireland from the EU budget
o We are now the 2nd richest country in Europe.

“So it is clear that if the Irish people had listened to Sinn Fein in 1972, or at any referendum since then, we would still be in the economic doldrums and dependent on Britain. Perhaps this is the plan ‘B’ they are so anxious we vote for.

Willy and titty jokes – Young Fine Gael campaign for Lisbon

Thursday, April 10th, 2008

Well found by Dave Cochrane over on (still running despite FF)

What better way to campaign for Europe then get a fit looking male model to wear EU flag underwear and then a not so fit girl to make a grapefruit/titty joke:
Young Fine Gael cock shot

Young Fine grapefruit titty shot

Actual urls for these images: and

Update: Check out how it looks on the Young Fine Gael site. Enda next to the bloke and Olwyn Enright next to the woman.

Young Fine Gael website

Update 2: What the FOCK!!!
Via Green Ink:sinead
Enda Kenny Lisbon Treaty

and Hat Tip to Sinéad: Lucinda and some Jazz Handed guy. Lucinda looks less tanned than someone shocker!

Update 3: And the photoshops er, grow:
Young Fine Gael says Benda over
Via: Devil’s Kitchen

Take Enda With You. FB Group.

Indo attack bloggers yet want them to work for them for free

Friday, December 7th, 2007

Fuck off. Seriously guys, go fuck yourselves.

As has been noted elsewhere, the Indo have had a nice aul go at bloggers for the past while, even making up stuff about yet at the same time they’ve been approaching people to blog on their site. For free. First of all, for free? I’d blog for free for the Irish Times (only if they paid me to do something else for a lot) but not for anyone else and my god would you honestly associate yourself with that lot. I don’t want the readership of the Indo as my personal audience, I’m quite happy with the better though smaller crowd that hang around here.

Exclusive: now home to even more “young adult” whingebags

Friday, October 26th, 2007, you know the site that makes The Phoenix magazine look like the Irish Times, has paused giving up on breaking false rumours and innuendo (never wrong for long you know!) and instead has gone gung-ho against the Government, Gay Byrne, the Road Safety authority and anyone that would in any way look sideways at people in their Honda Civics with L plates. Yup, if you’re one of those who will now rightfully be supervised until you get off your ass and do your driving test, then go to right now. Yes, it’s a lot like Bebo. LOLZ wtf lolocopterz. txt spk.

Has a learner driver anything to do with running this PramToyEjection campaign we wonder?

Anyway I could write more on the sheer stupidity and idiocy of the arguments from people obviously too lazy to learn to pass the driving test but Elly has summed it up succintly for me. Get off the fucking roads if you don’t like the rules, little ones. Less people will die as a result. While you might be happy ploughing your prams, sorry cars, into walls and trucks and other cars, please don’t do it while taking out innocent people on the roads and footpaths of this country. If it takes someone else in the car to tell you sensible things like “don’t overtake on this dangerous bend” then so be it. Sit the fucking test and less of the crap about waiting lists. It’s a fatarsed lie.

According to the press statement, 6,000 people have visted the site over this issue and one of the polls, not the one asking Gay Byrne to resign (9 votes!), not the should we burn down mosques one, probably this one: Should the Government give more time before putting 100,000 drivers off the road?, the press release said 72 percent voted against the implementation of the new RSA measures, I guess that would be this poll where a whopping 139 people visited. 68% is what it stands at now.

Want to join my Facebook Group? Dear L drivers, shut the fuck up and take the damned test

Oh looky, a sensationalist headline and post. I’m reminded of what exactly…

Update: Dear learners.